30 March 2019

March Playlist

I'm not a regular concert-goer, but this month I saw two of my favourite bands live - Beach House and Arctic Monkeys - which was amazing to say the least. I never really thought I would get a chance to see Alex Turner perform in the flesh, but amazingly it happened. They played one of my favourite songs, Cornerstone, so that made me very happy indeed. Their support act Mini Mansions was also fab - I had listened to them before but not extensively and now I think I'm hooked. Beach House was so atmospheric and beautiful - I'm glad I went along and experienced the insane and mesmerising light show.

As for new music, I cannot get enough of Rex Orange County's new single New House and I'm eagerly awaiting any other releases. And can we talk about the Jonas Brothers coming back? All my 11-year-old dreams are coming true. Truly living for it, so I had to include their new single.

Here's my March playlist!

What have you been listening to this month?



  1. The fact that the Jonas Brothers are back makes my 11 year old self scream with happiness, I love their new song too!

    Lucy | Forever September


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