2 March 2019

February Playlist

Last month I started off by listening to the Sex Education soundtrack which is great, so a few of those songs are included in here. If you haven't watched that show yet I highly recommend. Aside from that, I got back into some old faithfuls, including Blossoms, Beach House (I'm seeing them live this month!) and Talking Heads. Catfish and The Bottlemen have a new album coming out this month, which I'm ~pretty~ excited about. Also, after watching the Grammys I may have developed a slight love of Cardi B... while I'm talking about the awards show, I just have to mention Janelle Monae's performance, it was so good. Here's my February playlist!

What have you been listening to this month?


  1. I love Catfish's new song. I also love seeing your monthly playlists!

    Lucy | Forever September


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