13 January 2019

My 2019 Resolutions & An Update

Last year I wasn’t very inspired with my blog and I think that came across in the content I was creating – slapping up a blog post every now and then so I had content up at least a few times a month.

Blogging has always been a part of my life (or what seems like it). I was always on the internet in high school and created various blogs out of boredom and wanting to express my creativity. But that passion has faded recently as I come more used to the routine of it, where it starts to feel more like a chore.

Don’t get me wrong – there are aspects of blogging that I absolutely love, the main one being photography. I've continued to post on Instagram but have basically (or mentally) abandoned this blog, popping in every now and then when I get a chance.

I love talking about the books I'm reading or the beauty products I genuinely love, especially all together in one place. But lately I haven’t been very true to myself when it comes to my blog – I am a very private person and rarely share anything personal online, but when people are authentic online I really respond to that.

It’s hard keeping up with the fast-paced world of blogging and social media. While working at my job five days a week, I barely even get time to scroll through Instagram let alone write a blog post. Obviously, I've let my full-time job take up all my creative juice, motivation and energy, but having a two-week break over Christmas has allowed me to reflect on the past year and look at what I want to prioritise and what I really don’t need in my life (thank u, next).

In December I read Matt Haig’s new book Notes On A Nervous Planet, and honestly it made me want to delete all my social media accounts and say goodbye to this blog – it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while anyway. But that was only how I felt at first. I need to stop being so damn dramatic.

There’s still something inside me that wants to keep going with this little corner of the Internet, but in a slightly different way. I’m calling a fresh start on this blog and using the start of 2019 (only about two weeks late) to write something a little more interesting here.

This is a post to say I’m still here and I want to photograph and write things, but I need to do it on my own terms. I’ll be posting when I feel inspired and want to – and obviously because I’m busy most of the time posts may be few and far between. But that’s something I’m okay with, because blogging for me isn’t about gaining a large audience or earning money; it’s always genuinely been about expressing my creativity and sharing the things I love – which nowadays is books, beauty and music  for the most part.

Because I’m a homebody and an introvert, I spend most of my spare time watching movies and TV shows, listening to podcasts and discovering new music. So this year you can expect more of this, as well as beauty and books.

I don’t know if I have an audience left, but I don’t mind. I just want to start being creative again and have a hobby outside of work that makes me happy. Because 2019 is all about being selfishly happy, am I right?!

With that long ramble over, what better way to transition into a new chapter than share my 2019 New Year resolutions.

Save up

Now that I earn a salary, I'm hoping to save as much as possible this year. While I don't have anything in particular I'm saving up for, I do want to take a couple of holidays this year and look at moving out (eventually). I already have a weekly budget in place and it's been working well so far, although I think there's probably room for improvement – like not spending so much money eating out!

Take a break

Another resolution that relates to work, but I'm itching to use my annual leave and go on holiday this year. I already have a small break planned in February which I'm really looking forward to (and desperately need!) but I also want to go on a longer holiday and head overseas somewhere. I'm not entirely sure where I want to go, but I'll definitely be planning it for mid to late 2019!

Read more

Over the Christmas break I've learned to love reading again, and realised how important it is for my mental health. Staying glued to my laptop all weekend doesn't do my mind or eyes a favour, but spending a couple of hours reading (especially outside when the weather is nice) is such a nice thing to do and makes me so happy. It makes me feel good about myself when I read a lot, so I definitely want to prioritise reading in 2019. I'm not looking to read a number of books, I just want to do it regularly.

Work-life balance

Perhaps the most important resolution of all! I think it speaks for itself. Work-life balance is something everyone who works full-time can relate to. I'm aiming to do more things for myself in 2019 and remind myself that I do have a life outside of work. Whether that's doing something sociable after work, spending time with family, or going home and having a bath while doing a face mask, this one kind of fits under #selfcare.

What are your resolutions for 2019?



  1. Reading is definitely a goal of mine this year!


    1. I think it's almost everyone's! x

  2. I think it's a good thing you're taking on blogging in your own terms and I totally applaud you for that. The only person who can make rules about it is yourself. Can't wait to see what you come up with on your blog and I'll look forward to reading more <3

    Hannah / Words & Latte

  3. Anonymous12:46 am

    Money for coffee!!!!!!!!!!!! And your packed lunches, where they at?! ❤❤❤��
    And let's go ��

  4. Anonymous12:47 am

    My favourite colour is blue

  5. Taking a step back from blogging and figuring out how I wanted to use the platform for myself was such a positive decision - I'm looking forward to the content you produce when and if you feel you want to! <3 Also I can completely relate to the feeling of wanting to delete every social media account - I feel that way most days! x

    Samantha Frances

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens xx

  6. Having begun full time work just last year myself, I really feel you on the blogging struggle and I've set myself some of the same goals as you too!

    Although I did manage to get 1-2 blog posts up a month, it was half of what I was able to publish in 2017 and I found it really difficult to keep up with. I mean, I knew full time work life was going to be hectic, but I didn't anticipate it affecting my blog this much! I suppose it is what it is though and I can only do my best, and I'm still proud of what I was able to accomplish. Working full time feels totally natural to me now, so hopefully from here on in, I can better my time management skills and post a little bit more! I just want to do more of what I love and not let work consume me so much!

    Saving money is probably my biggest goal for this year. Now that I'm going to Europe in six months, I really need to knuckle down, but I like that it's given me something to strive for. I've never really had a budget before, but I could definitely use one! My biggest vice is beauty products (obvs, lol)!

    Tenneil | Like Neon Love

    1. Same - I want to do more of what I love outside of work. That's so exciting you're going to Europe!! That's such a nice thing to look forward to & aim towards with saving. Hopefully I'll ease into my routine in the next couple months and figure out how things work. Thanks for commenting, Tenneil :) x

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