3 January 2018

2018 Goals

Right now my feed is cluttered with dozens of 2018 goals posts, and I must admit, it has taken me a few days to get into the new year spirit. For the most part, I haven't felt like making any goals for this year, mostly because I just couldn't be bothered, but also because I have no idea what my life will be like this year. Having just finished university, I'm having somewhat of an existential crisis (not that I wasn't having one during education), so I want to take each week and month at a time. I don't have some elaborate plan for my life like some people seem to have, and while that makes me feel lonely sometimes I'm going to go easy on myself. Even though this pessimistic introduction suggests I don't wish to make any 2018 goals, I've put pen to paper - or rather fingers to keyboard - to try and think of a few that are achievable and make sense to me.

Spend less in January

November and December were costly months - with Christmas and such this is no surprise. While I still have some birthday and Christmas money to spend (at some stage), I won't be buying any new clothes or makeup in January - and in future months while I'm at it. This is what I spend most of my money on and while I do enjoy picking up some new threads and things to experiment with every so often, I think it's time my debit card had a wee break. Since summer isn't a season I enjoy in terms of clothing options, I probably won't have much of a problem hitting pause on this front. I really want to buy some quality clothes when Autumn comes around to make the most of my favourite season, so I will be putting aside some dosh for that specific purpose. As for makeup, I will be using up what I already have and clearing out what I don't use much.

Keep track of books and films

There is something very pleasing about keeping lists, and if I'm honest this resolution is just an excuse to keep my 2018 diary looking pretty. I have a bad track record with diaries as I always abandon them within a couple of months. I just find my laptop calendar is a much easier way of adding in important dates and blog post planning because I'm never without my computer. In saying that, I will be using a paper diary and giving it a good go this year. It is also where I'll be jotting down my blog post ideas, as I find keeping a running list of ideas and brainstorming often is a great way to get my creative juices flowing. In terms of books, I have the Good Reads app to keep track of what I'm reading, but it's also nice to have a paper list so I can see everything at once glance. As for films, I want to make an effort to watch more this year whether that be at the cinema or on Netflix and so on. I think it will be quite pleasing to see all the different movies I've watched at the end of the year.

Prioritise self-care

If I learnt anything in 2017, it's that not taking time to do things you love (outside of whatever it may be - work, university, etc.) results in some serious burn out and fragile mental health. There has been a lot of talk around self-care, with people pointing out it's more than just using a Lush bath bomb and applying a face mask. I agree with this, but of course there's always time for a nice relaxing bath at the end of a long day. I think self-care is just having yourself in mind more, and doing things that will ultimately make you happier and healthier, something that does not make you selfish at all. I need to keep reminding myself that I'm living my life and no one else is, therefore I can make choices that make me feel content and happy.

If you have read my blog at all in the last year, thank you so much. I'm well aware that this blog is small and pretty unrevolutionary, but it's a hobby that makes me happy.


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