18 June 2018

What I've Been Watching

I have been obsessed with crime documentaries lately and it's become a slightly unhealthy obsession. *Cue lying awake at night thinking someone is about to murder me* But I can't help being fascinated by it all. It does mean I need some light relief afterwards, so I have been binge-watching a few sitcoms and indulging in some good old reality TV - I can't help it, it's my guilty pleasure. There's a real mix of shows here, but I can't recommend them enough!

Evil Genius

Netflix are doing amazing things in the true crime category. Once I had watched one episode of Evil Genius I was entranced and pretty much didn't stop until I had finished. It starts in 2003, when an attempted bank robbery in America made news headlines across the country. But there's more to it - the crime suddenly turns into a very public murder. The man who was killed was a pizza delivery driver who had a bomb attached to his neck, but it wasn't clear if he was coerced into it or he knew the plan all along. This show was really intense and engaging. It's also pretty sinister so I would recommend watching a comedy afterwards!

The Staircase

Just when I thought Evil Genius was good, The Staircase comes along. This show was actually aired back in 2004, but there's been an update to the story which means three new episodes have been added. In 2001, Michael Peterson's wife was found dead at the bottom of a staircase. He claimed she had fallen down the stairs, but the medical examiner ruled she had been beaten to death. Much like Making a Murderer, it goes into the American criminal justice system and why it could be flawed. It goes into detail about the evidence that was found and also how some of it was possibly tampered with. The defence lawyer in this show is amazing and I'm convinced Michael Peterson is innocent. Out of all of these suggestions, I would watch this above anything else - it's so interesting!

The Office

Call me crazy but I had never watched The Office until very recently. I've started with the US version as I've heard it's better, but I'll definitely get around to watching the UK version too. This show is the perfect thing to put on in the background or at the end of a busy day when you want something lighthearted and fun. I don't have much more to say about it because I'm sure everyone has at least heard of it.

The It Crowd

I'm sure I've mentioned it on my blog before, but I'm a big fan of The It Crowd. This month I found myself rewatching it because it gives me such a comforting feeling. I finished it really quickly and was surprised how short the seasons actually are. I wish the show was longer, but I guess all good things must come to an end - there is going to be a US remake though, which I'm a bit skeptical about! If you've never watched this show, I'd highly recommend it - it's so easy to watch and my fave Richard Ayoade is in it.

Love Island

It feels a bit silly putting this here, but I thought I'd mention Love Island. It's genuinely one of my favourite shows - yes it's trashy and at times problematic but it's such a good watch if you take it light heartedly. This year there's actually an Australian version too, so I've been alternating between watching that and the UK one. New Zealand has it's own version, Heartbreak Island, and it's legitimately the most cringe thing I've ever watched! I'll stick to the original show, thanks.

Have you watched any of these?



  1. These shows sound quite interesting, I definitely need to check them out. x


  2. I've heard about Evil Genius and The Staircase through some of the true crime podcasts that I listened to but have yet to watch them. They're going on my Netflix watch list for sure! ♥



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