29 March 2018

March Playlist

It's been a while since I've talked music around these parts - last October in fact. The year started with me wanting to discover some new artists and I think it's safe to say I've done just that in the last few months, with a little help from some very cool people and their recommendations. This month I fell a little bit in love with Rex Orange County - thanks to Liv - with his distinctive, unique style and wonderful lyrics. I think this music video might be my favourite thing ever at the moment. I'm also thoroughly enjoying Alvvays, a band Tenneil recommended a while back. They have a slight 90s vibe about them with some very infectious, upbeat choruses. Safe to say their album Antisocialities has been on repeat. As always I've been hitting play on some cheesy 80s music, but also 80s-influenced - with serious Prince vibes - à la Janelle Monae and her song Make Me Feel. Mixed in with the upbeat, a few melancholy songs thanks to the likes of Beach House and Kane Strang. My love for Beach House's album Depression Cherry has extended to their new singles, Lemon Glow and Dive. I have very fond memories of listening to them while walking home on cold autumn evenings last year. Here's my March playlist...



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