17 February 2018

A Wardrobe Wishlist

In the past couple of years, I've come closer to discovering my 'style'. I now know not to buy dresses and skirts and high heels, because no matter how many times I give them a go I get a serious case of buyer regret. I've also tried to be a little more conscious about what I buy - in the sense I now mull over what I want to get each season rather than impulsively picking up ten items I don't need (even if I do still make the odd mistake sometimes). So, in an effort to make better choices, I've put together a few key pieces I want to add to my wardrobe in time for autumn (and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere with spring on the way, I'm sure some of this will still apply)...


Nowadays, the thought of slipping on a pair of skinny jeans literally makes me shudder. I've moved on to roomier pants because 1) they are really comfortable, and 2) dear I say they can be quite ~flattering~. Seriously, give me a kick flare, wide leg, or straight up bell bottom any day of the week. I know flares aren't for everyone, but to me they can make an outfit so much more interesting, and I am way too into the whole 70s trend going on right now. Recently, I bought a pair of plain black bell bottom pants in a loose, flowy material because I was getting slightly sick of wearing jeans every day. Although I've never been one to gravitate away from denim, stocking up on pants of any form (patterned, striped, plain) makes for a refreshing change. Here are some of my picks, including a smattering of that tracksuit/side stripe trend that's been circulating - not that I'll be sporting a pair of $200 Alexa Chung trackies any time soon!


Although it's not a requirement for all my jumpers to be colourful, there's nothing I like better than a statement sweater paired with jeans. Some people love summer, but I'm just not one of those people, so between seasons I'm looking forward to layering up. ASOS has many a great jumper - I'm scrolling on there all the time looking at the 'new in' section. While some pieces can be quite trend-led and are perhaps a bit novelty (my favourite thing), some of these jumpers will absolutely stand the test of time. Coloured stripes have certainly been circulating all over at the moment, and it's something I'm looking forward to implementing in my wardrobe, from the bold to the more subdued. Looking at my picks, you can tell I'm an absolute sucker for red and pink - what a dream combo.


When it comes to jackets I'm thinking denim, velvet and cord, and in terms of style I still can't get enough of blazers, bombers and trucker styles. I'm looking to invest a bit in a new winter coat when the time comes around, but for now I'm looking towards lighter layers. While I recently bought a pink velvet blazer that will work well in autumn, there are other jackets I've got heart eyes for, including shorter styles like bombers. I did have my eye on a blue velvet jacket from Selected, but it's now out of stock, ~as it goes~. I've been known to like more of a grungier jacket or blazers that look like they belonged to old men (wonderful, I know), so that's the general direction I'm going in.


I have a pair of black leather Vagabond boots that are the perfect size, shape and height for me. I'm so glad I bought them even if they were a little expensive. Now, I'm looking for a slightly more interesting boot or shoe, whether it's a bolder colour or something with details. My absolute dream shoe is the Vagabond Olivia Boots in Cherry, however I'm not sure I'm willing to part with that much money for such a bold shoe. So while I continue dreaming about those, realistically I want a pair of black shoes that are not too casual but not too formal either, whether it be a brogue or your standard boot: here are the ones I've been keeping a careful eye on...

I hope you got some inspiration from this post, whether you're heading into spring or autumn. For now I'll be mulling over all these options and saving up, of course!




  1. Those jackets. Those shoes. Everything just looks so goooood!

    Hannah | hc.

  2. I really want to add some more trousers to my wardrobe, as much as I still love jeans, I find trousers so much comfier!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Exactly - especially if I'm sitting down all day at work etc! x


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