27 November 2017

My Record Collection

Music is a subject I love talking about, so it was inevitable I would end up with a record collection post on here at some stage. I was lucky enough to get a record player for my birthday, and now that I have a speaker to go along with it, I thought it was just the right time to talk through the records I own. Of course, I don't really have an extensive collection but it's something I hope to build up over the next few years - because they're quite expensive!

My record player is the Audio Technica AT-LP60-BT in black (here's another photo of it on my Instagram), and the speaker I have is the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II. This set up is actually what Tenneil has (she has an amazing blog - you should follow), but I didn't know I would be getting a record player for my birthday, let alone this one. My old record player - quite a cheap one - broke a couple months ago, so I'm over the moon that I now own a decent model. This particular one is designed to be used with a bluetooth speaker but it does have a wired function. I chose to go with the Bose speaker after hearing it had pretty amazing sound, and because it's small and wireless it was perfect in the end. Luckily, thanks to a Black Friday sale, I got more than a hundred dollars off this speaker - regardless it's definitely worth the money.

The first record I bought was Yumi Zouma's EPs I & II a few years ago when browsing at Real Groovy. It was bought on a bit of a whim, however I had recently discovered the band and loved the chilled, sometimes ethereal vibe they had. I don't listen to them a whole lot now, but I'm determined to give all my records a better listen now I have a better turntable.

The next two records are definitely thanks to my Dad and his music taste. Originally owned by him, Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues and Tears for Fears Songs From The Big Chair are welcome additions. While this Talking Heads record doesn't have all my favourite songs from them, and my favourite song Burning Down The House skips because it's old, it's still much loved. It's a similar story for Tears For Fears - although I love a couple of songs I'm not an avid fan.

But when it comes to the likes of The Last Shadow Puppets, I am very much so a fan, if it isn't obvious enough. While I'm actually missing my favourite album (Everything You've Come to Expect) - and I need to buy it ASAP - I own The Age of the Understatement and The Dream Synopsis EP. The former was bought around December last year in all it's red limited edition glory, and has been played copious amounts since. I mainly love it because it includes live versions of their songs, plus covers. As for the other LSP album, there are some absolute bangers on there, no to mention the amazing lyrics. Now if Alex Turner would kindly hurry up with the next Arctic Monkeys album? On the subject, the Submarine soundtrack is one of my prized possessions and the perfect record to play in a dark room as the sun sets on a summer's evening.

Blossom's debut album is absolutely solid and if you've never listened to them, you should. Because it's expensive to buy vinyl, I tend to pick carefully which records I'd like to buy and in this case it was a no-brainer. I love this album from start to finish, and I do think there's something special about listening to an entire album rather than one song.

Something to Tell You, Haim's new album, was practically a must-have after I fell in love with it in about five seconds. I can't believe we lasted that long without any new Haim music, but it's safe to say I'm loving their revival - and their outfits on Instagram of course. I would go as far to say I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't listened to their music yet because let me tell you, you are missing out!

The two latest additions are Lana Del Rey's Lust For Life and Kendrick Lamar's DAMN, both I got for my birthday (someone certainly knows my music taste). These have two records each because they are pretty big albums - one of the things I love about vinyl is the artwork that comes with each record and the fact they are physical objects you can keep forever. I've always been a pretty big fan of Lana Del Rey, but I'm particularly in love with her latest album because there's something a little different about it, but her melancholy tone is still there.

Most of the records I own here are much loved and are some of my favourite albums ever, but I'm still deciding what to buy next!


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