31 October 2017

Soundtrack to October

I haven't been sharing my music monthly like I typically do, but I've rounded up the last couple month's worth of music instead. Without a doubt, this month's playlist is all about movie/television soundtracks. I didn't plan it out that way, it just kind of happened. I think I've overplayed Haim the last few months, and I've certainly mentioned them a lot on my blog, so here are the songs I've been hitting play on religiously apart from my Haim (but please listen to their album, because it's amazing).

Baby Driver Soundtrack
So I finally got around to watching Baby Driver this month and it was really good. I think sometimes you watch a film for it's cinematography and style (and the amazing music) instead of the plot and storyline. The opening number of Baby Driver alone makes it worth watching. Naturally I headed straight to Spotify to indulge in the movie's soundtrack, namely the opening song Bellbottoms. I think it's definitely a requirement to watch the movie before playing the soundtrack because it makes it that much better.

Wonder Woman Soundtrack
Quite the juxtaposition to the Baby Driver soundtrack, the music in Wonder Woman is surprisingly great for concentration. I had a lot of work to finish off for university this month, so I put this soundtrack on in the background and it worked a treat. Each track gives me all the feels and makes me relive the movie, especially Wonder Woman's Wrath (because duh), so a second watch of Wonder Woman obviously happened. Side note, if you haven't watched it yet you really should.

Mindhunter Soundtrack
This post might as well be a 'what I've been watching' one because I have to express my love for Netflix's new show Mindhunter. While Stranger Things obviously takes first priority (I've finished it) I think this has so far been very underrated - because I haven't seen anyone talk about it. It's about two FBI agents who start to interview serial killers to understand why they kill - and obviously features all the amazing 70s music. I can't tell you how amazingly well this show is filmed and edited. Warning, it's very graphic but very worth the watch. The soundtrack features the likes of Talking Heads and David Bowie so of course it's amazing.

Everything else...

- The new Arcade Fire album. Yes, I like very much that the opening track sounds like ABBA.
- Kane Strang. Someone recommended his album to me on Instagram and it's really, really good, especially the song My Smile is Extinct. The cynical lyrics really speak to me... obviously.
- The Virgins album Strike Gently AKA their final release before the band split up. Especially Figure on the Ice and Impressions of You.
- Random 80s music. I can't put it any other way than that, really. If you too enjoy 80s music you will probably love this playlist.

Have a listen to everything I've mentioned!



  1. Your music tastes are awesome, great playlist!

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I like it! Thanks for sharing, hopefully I'll find some new tunes!


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