21 October 2017

Life Update

I haven't had a blog schedule for absolutely ages, but even then I still manage to write at least a blog post a week. However, life has been pretty hectic recently. Yesterday, I officially finished my degree at university (I just need to finish one more assignment), but it's been the biggest relief ever. This year hasn't been the best for me, regardless of what you might see on Instagram or elsewhere. I am so happy to have a whole summer ahead of me to relax and as cliche as it sounds, practice loads and loads of self care. Although there is the whole worry of wondering what I'll be doing next year. It feels bittersweet at the moment because on the one hand I will now have much more free time to do things that make me happy, but I can't help but feel I'm expected to jump into the next thing straight away. Oh and I turn 21 next month. NBD. *Screams*.

Finishing university means I now have what seems like endless time to read. I can't tell you how nice it feels to know that when I go away in November I can sit in the sun (or realistically, shade) and make my way through the stack of books on my bedside table. Sometimes I feel guilty for not reading enough, especially in keeping up with review copies or my Good Reads challenge (where I am a fabulous eight books behind), but I know that's silly. I really want to start reading for fun again, and also reading the books that I really want to read, not the ones I feel obliged to. In the last few hectic weeks, I reread the first two Hunger Games books even though I didn't really have time to. For some reason I love that series so much - I guess it's like my version of Harry Potter. Sometimes I can get stuck in a rut with my reading, but revisiting The Hunger Games has reminded me that reading should be an escape, not a chore.

Today I cleaned up my entire room (minus my messy wardrobe) and the good feeling afterwards never gets old. It's exactly what I needed to do after months of living messily and feeling mega stressed. It's weird, because I've lived in my family home for my whole life, and had the same bedroom for years and years, but I always find new ways to rearrange my furniture and spruce things up. I don't know about you, but having a clean and organised bedroom makes me feel so much happier and productive. On my bedside table, I now have a Frankie magazine to read (and plenty more issues to catch up on), You Play The Girl by Carina Chocano - my non-fiction read of choice - and I'm thinking of starting The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James soon.

I can't wait to have more blog posts up soon!




  1. Wow congrats on finishing your degree! (Good luck with your last assignment!)
    Honestly I've been thinking the same thing – more time to read after uni! But I still have 1,5 years to go until I get my degree, haha. Anywho. I love tidying up my flat just because the feeling afterwards is incredible :D I need a clean place to be productive!

    Just wanted to say each time I go back on your blog I adore it a little more :-) x

    Hannah | Ante Meridiem

    1. Thank you! That's so nice of you to say xx

  2. Congratulations on finishing! I'm sure you'll really enjoy your freedom now, and get right back into all the things you love to do. xx

  3. Well done for finishing your degree!! Also I am in the exact same boat- I cleaned up my whole room the other day and I feel great about it now- it's just so nice to not live in clutter.x


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