15 September 2017

New In: Clothes I Love

You know I always like to share what I've been wearing every now and then, even if I'm no where NEAR a style icon or fashionable in any way (I'll stop with the self deprecation now). The thing is I love clothes and probably spend too much money buying them, but there's something I like about using clothing as self-expression, and that goes for make-up too. So with that, here are the key pieces I've been wearing lately and some shoppable alternatives...

Coloured Stripes

We've seen a surge of vintage inspired jumpers, especially the Freaks and Geeks esque sweater. I, for one, am absolutely in love with some of the offerings right now and wish we were going into autumn so I could embrace the long-sleeved life. Whether it's a pastel colour palette or something a little more mellow, I've been in love with this trend since I picked up the H&M top I'm wearing above. In my opinion, the more it clashes the better it is.

The Dungaree Dress

I'm not one to buy many dresses, and when I do, I usually keep them at the back of my wardrobe, and just wear jeans every. single. day. I feel like a denim dress is a little more ~edgy~ in comparison to your average dress, which I like. This piece also works well practically any time of the year, whether it be winter or summer because you can layer jumpers underneath when it's cold, or t-shirts when it warms up. I like how essentially everything goes with this, so I'm excited to put it to use this NZ summer.

The Slogan Jumper

So here I am with the slogans again.. I can't get enough whether its t-shirt form or jumper like this one. This is actually a very light material, so it's more of a long sleeve top more than anything. I'm sure you've probably seen this on the odd blogger from the UK, and similar ones from good ol' New Look. I'm so happy I picked this up via ASOS because it injects a bit of colour into my wardrobe but I'm still firmly in my comfort zone. Some slogans can be rather cringe, but I like scoping out the good ones..

The Blazer

I seem to have an obsession with blazers at the moment, all inspiration taken from the Haim sisters of course. What don't they look good in? I actually stole this blazer from my sister who bought it from a charity shop. While this is more of a tartan, I am loving the idea of a grey checked blazer and maybe a yellow number ala Cher from Clueless (maybe minus the matching skirt...) Paired with jeans and a white tee, it's the stuff of dreams.

The Gingham Blouse

Gingham has been huge in the last few months and it shows no sign of letting up. I liked this Glassons blouse because it's red (favourite colour) and it's ruffled. I generally think you can't go wrong with a blouse like this and jeans, it's the perfect lazy girl combo I'll be adopting this spring and summer. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, there might be just enough time left to adorn a blouse and jacket combo.

The Block Heel

Just like you'd never see me wear a dress, you'll probably also never see me wear heels of any kind. Boots I can do, but any proper heel I'm like no. That isn't to say I love how they look, it's just most heels can be so uncomfortable and far too dressy for every day. I think any combination of the ones above (suede, block heel and/or slingback) are such nice options that can inject a bit of colour without being too extreme, and God knows I love anything vintage inspired. I recently wore these Mango shoes at a 70s party and they're not uncomfortable at all.

Do you like any of these ~trends~?




  1. I've always wanted a dungaree dress and I love that gingham top too! I love the sleeves on it. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

    1. Same, I've never owned one until now :) x

  2. Loving all of these phenomenal pieces, you look great!

    Arden | HELLO ARDEN

  3. Girl, I love your taste in fashion! It's so cute. I get the '60s mod/70s vibe from your style and I especially love your striped H&M top and sisterhood jumper. I'm awful at incorporating colour into my wardrobe, but I think I just tend to gravitate towards neutrals because they go with everything and it's hard to find coloured pieces in cuts/styles I like. Now that the weather's getting warmer, I think it's the perfect time to try to mix things up a little though.

    I really want to add an overall dress to my wardrobe and especially because it's the type of thing you could wear all year round. I love overalls in general too because they're so '90s, which is what my style is all about. I take huge inspiration from my favourite films and TV shows too. I absolutely love Cher from Clueless' style, although I'd take a much less preppy approach! Oh, and Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks is totally a style icon of mine too. I went out and bought a khaki jacket like hers after watching the show a few years ago. I still love it and wear it every autumn/winter.

    Tenneil | Like Neon Love

    1. Thanks! I looove Lindsay Weir's style as well, I just want to be her! I need a khaki jacket, maybe next autumn/winter. x

  4. I like most of the current trends. Definitely a big fan of the dungaree dress, must get one before they go out of style.

    1. I feel like they always come back in style, but I don't tend to follow that many trends :) x

  5. I feel like we have such a similar style - I'm living for slogan jumpers and dungaree dresses!

    Lucy | Forever September


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