1 August 2017

Soundtrack to June & July

Music is one of my favourite topics to talk about on this blog, so today I have another soundtrack post for you- and it's a goodie! The last couple of months I have been really into my music and there's a certain couple (or more) artists and albums I've been loving. With that in mind, here's what I've been listening to during June and July- plus they'll be a handy playlist at the bottom so you can listen easily!

Alexandra Savior, Belladonna of Sadness

Ah, Alexandra. Light of my life, fire of my loins. I have mentioned Alexandra Savior on here before, but she deserves another mention without a doubt. Her album is rare in the fact you will listen and love every single song and appreciate the album together as a whole. This is helped by it being pretty short, but it certainly doesn't lack in substance. I have an affinity with all of the lyrics on Belladonna of Sadness, and I know this is partly because Alex Turner co wrote the songs, but nevertheless there is something so magical about this gal and these songs.
Top three songs: Mirage, Shades, Audeline

Haim, Something To Tell You

Haim, without a doubt, make the perfect soundtrack to summer (even though it's currently the middle of winter for me). Their songs will make you want to dance and skip down the street- I won't disclose if I've actually ever done that, but I digress, Something to Tell You is an album worth listening to. I feel like Days are Gone will always reign supreme in a way, but there are some real BANGERS on their second album... and in case you've been living under a rock this cover of Shania Twain's That Don't Impress Me Much is life changing. Life changing, I tell ya.
Top three songs: Want You Back, Nothing's Wrong, You Never Knew

Lana Del Rey, Lust For Life

Lana Del Rey is probably one of my favourite artists, so it's no surprise she's ended up on this list, and how could I not include her in this line-up when her album Lust For Life just dropped? While I don't love every single song, there are a handful which I'm absolutely in love with right now. I definitely think there is a bit of a theme running through the album (you'd hope so) that is a little different to what she's released before, and as always, I can appreciate what an artist is trying to convey. Her new album has sent me into a spin of constant listening whether that be from my fave Ultraviolence album or her recent tracks.
Top three songs: Cherry, Summer Bummer, Tomorrow Never Came (also, In My Feelings deserves a special mention!)

Kendrick Lamar, DAMN

While I'm a recent Kendrick Lamar fan (and rap altogether if I'm completely honest) it's love at first listen. I think you'll probably agree sometimes you're just in the mood to listen to rap, and that's definitely been me of late. I'm so aware that Kendrick Lamar is not an up and coming artist at all- but it's about time I joined the bandwagon, right? I haven't fallen in love with the entirety of his new album, DAMN, but it's probably only a matter of time- as I'm known to fall slowly and then fall all at once when it comes to music.
Top three songs: DNA, HUMBLE, ELEMENT

Beach House, Depression Cherry

Okay, so picture this. You're driving around aimlessly on one of those perfectly clear winter afternoons as the sun has just sunk into the horizon and everything is a calm, moody shade of blue. That's essentially the perfect backdrop to listen to Beach House- maybe when you're a bit sad or moody, or in contrast when you're calm and happy. Just listen, it will make sense. Their music is very atmospherical and calming- maybe not for everyone but many of their songs are gems and will make you feel like you're in a movie while you stare out the window of a bus (totally not speaking from experience..) Their album Depression Cherry, while not new, is amazing in its entirety and their new song Chariot is so great too (but I'm yet to listen to their new album). It's real, real love.
Top three songs: Levitation, Sparks, Space Song (just listen to everything)

Here's the playlist!

Do you listen to any of the above artists?




  1. I seriously need to give all these a listen asap! I'm so behind on new albums haha. How good is that Haim cover though? I've listened to it so many times now.

    1. I know, that cover is so good! And please listen to all of these! x

  2. I've been looking for new music to listen to so this post saved me! haha x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  3. I really enjoyed HAIM's new album and Want You Back is one of my favourite tracks too. I totally fell in love with the video and I think it definitely makes me love the song even more. It's just so fun and upbeat, and in general, they make bomb music videos! Their cover of That Don't Impress Me Much was mind blowing! I love that it was slow and synthy, but still totally true to the original. Like a Version is one of my favourite things about Triple J, there have been so many amazing cover songs to come out of it.

    I love, love, love Depression Cherry! It was one of my favourite albums of 2015 and Sparks was the standout track for me too. Teen Dream is my all time favourite album by them, but Depression Cherry is very a close second. I love those dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes and don't worry, I totally get what you mean when you say they're perfect for listening to when you're either happy or sad. It's the perfect music to chill out to and just dream your life away. :)

    Tenneil | Like Neon Love

    1. Omg same re the Want You Back video - I wasn't too crazy about it at first but as soon as I saw the video it made me love the song!
      I really need to listen to more Beach House but for now Depression Cherry is amazing! I will have to listen to Teen Dream.
      Thanks for your comment! x

  4. Gonna have a listen to this playlist - always love your music picks!

    Lucie | Forever September


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