7 August 2017

My Internet Style Icons

I'm not sure these lovely ladies exactly represent my style (how could they when they're all so fab), but they're the ones I turn to for inspiration time and time again. I feel like I've ~found~ my style over the past year or so, for example I now know I'd prefer a wear a good pair of jeans over a dress any day. Read on to find out what blogs and Instagram accounts you should be following for daily inspiration...

Alice Catherine

As many of the women mentioned here do, Alice has a very vintage-inspired style that I adore. Long sleeved ruffle blouses, high waisted vintage Levi's, basket bags, polka dots and bows are just a few of the things you'll see as you scroll down her Instagram profile. I like how simple her style is. It can be girly or it can have more of a masculine edge. Whether she's taking photos in her rainy hometown of Manchester adorning a trench coat, or living it up in balmy Italy head to toe in white, it's not hard to be inspired. Plus, what I'd give to have her hair with that fringe and effortless bun.

Lizzy Hadfield

I've recently subscribed to Lizzy's YouTube channel (which is great by the way- I love her vlogs and her style videos are very informative), but I've been following her on Instagram for a tad longer. She puts together some very wearable looks, like the classic top and jeans combo, but can also be a little more experimental, which I love. Whether it's yellow striped track pants or yellow jeans, she's always adding a touch of fun that she makes look absolutely cool to a T. Queen of sunglasses, cute tops, jackets and JEANS, I can barely scroll past without double tapping.

Olivia Purvis

I think Olivia was the person who sprouted my love for vintage-inspired clothing, but in the most wearable way. For every time Liv dresses minimally in jeans and a striped top, they'll be an equally as good time where she wears a patterned maxi dress or suit and look fab while doing it. I've been a long time reader of her blog but now she's making YouTube videos regularly, she's all over the internet and I'm loving it. She's the coolest woman and it would be hard not to come across a picture of her outfit without wanting to buy EVERYTHING. She does colour coordination, patterns and bags particularly well if you ask me.

Lucy Williams

I haven't been following Lucy for all that long but that doesn't mean I haven't been inspired by her. I think the way to describe Lucy would be 'effortlessly chic', without a doubt. Think breezy dresses, camis, luxe materials and sunglasses that were cool way back in the day but look amazing on her. It's clear summer dressing is her favourite as you pursue her pictures and long, relaxing holidays suit her undeniably. I started following her after watching the video she did with Liv Purvis about her style and I haven't looked back since.

Sophia Rosemary

Sophia is undoubtedly the queen of slogan tees, winged eyeliner and flared jeans among other things. Basically, everything I aspire to be, and more. Not only does she have a Blossoms band member for a boyfriend, but she's met Alex Turner -if there's any sign that she's a cool person, that is it. You'll see her in outfits that are endlessly high waisted, cute and frilly, or a touch masculine- and sometimes a combination of all of the above. I practically want every t-shirt or jumper that she posts about, and let's not forget about her amazing straw bags which Jane Birkin would be envious of.

Starr Clare

Perhaps not as well known as the others mentioned (not that it matters!), Starr has a penchant for clothes with a bit of a rock n roll vibe, grungy tees and coloured jeans. Whether it be a bold lip, double denim or a big fur coat, I always find some sort of inspiration whether I go all out or pare it back. If you're into vintage-inspired clothing (as I may be.. if you couldn't tell, ahem), definitely check out her Instagram and blog!

I hope you got some inspiration from this post and check these wonderful ladies out! Do you have anymore I should add to the list?




  1. Wow this is just up my street! Love all of their styles. Thanks for sharing this inspo!

    Arden | HELLO ARDEN


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