12 August 2017

A Wishlist: Budget Beauty and Luxe Loves

My love for beauty has skyrocketed recently (I'm not really sure why) but there are so many new and cult products I'm coveting right now. Mecca Maxima's arrival in Auckland has only intensified things, because now I want everything from there (don't worry if you're not from Australia or NZ because most of these brands are available everywhere else). This craving for new products has caused me to create a nifty little wishlist (of which I will probably purchase about two items- let's be real) featuring both luxe items and more affordable items...


MECCA MAX Double Vision Eye Colour in Desert Nights: From the new MECCA MAX range, the eyeshadows do appeal most to me. If you know me, you'll know I'd rather stay in bed for an extra 10 minutes than go to town on my makeup on an every day basis. That's why this one part cream, one part powder shadow will be perfect for lazy mornings, either applying one shade or mixing both. Obviously I've chosen one of the warm toned combinations (so predictable!)

MECCA MAX Wink Weapon Mini Palette in Embellished: When I had a cheeky 10 minute look in store, this eyeshadow palette looked amazing- especially the gold glitter shade. I do tend to hoard larger eyeshadow palettes, so naturally this would make a nice change to have a small quad with four shades. I think you could easily make this an everyday palette minus the gold glitter, and add that in for a more night time look (or wear that gold glitter daily because you can do what you want). I digress.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: So while I've been trying out the facial spray recently, I've yet to venture further with this brand. I've heard people sing their praises about the drying lotion, so obviously I am intrigued. This spot treatment promises to clear up blemishes quickly and since I have quite blemish-prone skin I know I will use this.

Eyeko London Black Magic Lash Curler: I've recently come to a realisation- I really need an eyelash curler in my life. Believe it or not, I've never actually tried one before. Maybe it's to do with the fact it's likely to cut off my lashes (I'm kidding... kind of), but I think it's about time I went through with it anyway. I have no idea if this curler is decent, and I do have my eyes on the Kevin Aucoin version, but we shall see...

Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub: I'm so happy Soap and Glory is officially on NZ shelves. I know, I know, New Zealand is deprived of a lot of things like cheap shipping. It was possible to buy this online, however I think you'll agree it's always nice to look at the testers and do the all important smell test. I've heard a lot of good things about their body products and this scrub looks particularly up my street. Now if only they would stock their makeup.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Rose Gold Retro: I've had my eye on these glittery liquid eye shadows for a while but they always seem to be out of stock. From what I've seen I think these would be perfect on their own all over the lid- in other words it looks like you've made a ton of effort when no effort was actually made at all.


Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream: I feel like I've had my eyes on Origin as a brand for what feels like forever. I do want to try one of their moisturisers or masks but right now I'm coveting this eye cream. This isn't exactly 'luxe' but it's still a decent amount of money for one product. I feel like my current eye cream isn't quite up to scratch, and while I'm not joined to eye cream at the hip, I feel like this would be a welcome addition especially when things are looking dull and puffy.

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer: This product has come in and out of my online basket many a time and I think I'm coming close to purchasing- if it would just be in stock in my shade! I've heard various people say this is an amazing concealer- that it covers incredibly well and it's not too matte or thick. I think when my current concealer runs out I'll be running to Mecca to get this...

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush: *Heart eyes* is all I can say. I would love to have this in my makeup stash, even if it's just for the packaging really. This blush has multiple colours which would create a dimensional, super flushed and glowy look. I don't know why, but I am absolutely obsessed with wearing blush at the moment and this in the Sparkling Bellini shade is what dreams are made of (if to not be too dramatic).

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder: If you're a The Anna Edit watcher, you'll know how much she loves this powder and it's always been something I think would work well with my skin tone (in the light shade) given how pale I am, to add soft, subtle dimension. While I'm not sure I could justify spending $70 on this bad boy, I do have room for it in my lust list up in the clouds. Although, maybe it is as good as they say...

Bella Freud Je T'Aime Jane Candle: I have always walked into Mecca and admired the Bella Freud candles. If I can't have a Bella Freud jumper, I'll settle for the candle version (if I ever find the funds, that is). While I can't remember for the life of me what this smells like, lets be real, I just want it for the aesthetics- and there's nothing better than opening a fresh candle.

By Terry Sun Designer Palette: While I would never drop $125 on this palette, I think it's probably the most beautiful thing I've seen. This would be amazing for travelling or on the go because you can use it for cheeks and eyes. I can just imagine how soft and silky these powders are. Sooo dreamy.

What's on your beauty wishlist?




  1. The Breakfast Scrub is amazing, smells like heaven. The Sun Designer palette looks exquisite too, great wish list xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. I wish I could afford the By Terry palette! I will get the scrub though because it's cheap x

  2. I love the mario badescu drying lotion - great lil product!

    Lucy | Forever September


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