18 July 2017

The Slogan Tee Edit

So anyone that knows me knows I've become enamoured with slogan tees in the last wee while. Even though this addiction's been going on for a while, it doesn't show any sign of stopping, so today I've gathered together the best ones I'm yet to buy- that I really don't need but I want anyway. Some are more expensive than I'd like (including the Alexa Chung tees I have no hope affording) while others are really budget-friendly and may make their way into my online basket.

You'll sense a theme in the above shirts: French, song lyrics, the colour red, a subtle nod to women's empowerment... and I suppose they speak for themselves, so happy shopping!

P.S I just ordered this tee from ASOS, which describes me absolutely to a T.



  1. The tshirt you just ordered is so cute! I like slogan tees too, and they're super easy to DIY which is great when you still want the effect without the extra costs :)

    1. I've never tried DIY slogan tees but that sounds good when some tshirts can be so overpriced :)

  2. These are awesome, thanks for sharing!

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk


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