2 July 2017

Soundtrack of my Life

Even if it is cringeworthy, it's always fun to look back on what music I used to listen to and what I listen to now. I'd like to think my music taste is a lot better these days, but there's no shame in getting down to an old Avril Lavigne song every now and then. I've seen this post idea on a couple of blogs recently and I thought this could be just the thing to send me in a downward spiral towards olden day anthems.. and I was right. But with the cringeworthy comes the music I consider 'cool' right now - so sit back and enjoy a trip down memory lane (and please try your best to detect the sarcasm).

My first album

From the select few CDs I remember owning back in around 2006, Hilary Duff was probably the first of the bunch from the pile. Her Most Wanted album was probably what every girl owned at the time. Strangely, I remember feeling a deep emotional attachment to the Someone's Watching Over Me song from her debut self-titled album.. probably something to do with the fact I also had the Raise Your Voice movie on repeat (and don't tell me the Lizzie McGuire movie wasn't as iconic for you as it was for me!) Inspirational. There was no way I was a cool ten-year-old.

Long term relationship album

I had a long think about this, as I did with most of the categories in this list, and I think The xx's first album has been with me for a while now. It's the type of album I listened to a good few years ago and I still love it now. I remember when I first started going on YouTube, I sifted through all of The xx's music videos and it felt like I was discovering something for myself for the first time - now they're very well known.. ah, the beauty of music and my never-ending #hipster desire to discover good bands first.

Song that makes me happy

Okay, so I feel like I mention it all the time, but I love the movie Submarine (so much so it's getting cringe to talk about it anymore, lol) and the song that makes me the happiest ever is the last one on the film's soundtrack, performed by Alex Turner (it's also an Arctic Monkeys song). I'm sure many people would pick an upbeat, dancey dancey song here but this is my favourite in a quieter way. Piledriver Waltz makes my heart burst with happiness and is best listened to for the first time while watching the movie..

Song/album that makes me want to dance

So there's really only one option for this section and it's The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News. Who doesn't love an 80s anthem? I love plenty of them. It's impossible to listen to this song without fist pumping or conjuring up images of Marty McFly sliding along on his skateboard. There could have been many of cringe options for this one such as Fergalicious or Promiscuous because let's face it, the mid 2000s we're the shiz... ahem.

First gig

This shows my age because my first concert was One Direction. A pretty good one for a first gig if I may say so. What can I say, I was a fangirl. If anything, this answer is proof that I am the least cool person on this planet, (especially circa 2014), if you hadn't figured that out already. I digress. The concert itself was apart of the Up All Night Tour in 2012 and in a pretty small venue. What a time to be alive.

Song I wish I'd written

There was no question whether this was going to be an Alex Turner song (he's quite the lyrical genuis), it was just a matter of what song I would pick. While his songs with Miles Kane in The Last Shadow Puppets' first album, An Age of the Understatement, are masterpieces, the song I've picked is Crying Lightning by Arctic Monkeys from the Humbug album. Don't tell me the second verse about all different types of sweets isn't amazing. I love the Suck it and See album, but there's something artful about the former. There's so many to choose from otherwise... Love is a Loverquest, Black Treacle, The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala.

Song that reminds me of being a teen

The artist that popped into my head was Lorde. I was obsessed with her debut album Pure Heroine in 2014. This was around the time that I was finishing high school and I have memories attached to it. I also went to her free concert in Auckland around this time and that was where I fell in love I suppose. Although, I'm probably a bad fan for not listening to Melodrama just yet. My favourite song from her first album is A World Alone, and as for the others, well I know all the words. As she's from New Zealand, her songs do resonate with me just that little bit more - you do get that sort of small hometown feeling from Pure Heroine.

Karaoke song

And back to the cringe. I knew without question I would find my answer to this, er, question.. by thinking back to when I played SingStar on Playstation one. Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne seemed like the most accurate answer, as I can belt that one out without a second thought. I just Googled the song and it was released in 2002? That's not okay?! My life is flashing before my eyes.

Songs that remind me of home

Having parents born in the 60s is more of a blessing than a curse because it means I know every single one of the greatest hits of the 80s (..probably). Talking Heads is the band that reminds me of home, and my parents, without a doubt - and I've chosen Burning Down the House as the song for all of it's ~iconicness~. Does anyone love the scene in 13 Going on 30, where this song plays, as much as me?

Ultimate desert island disc

Without exaggeration, I've had this album on literal continuous repeat since it was released in April 2016. I am still obsessed with Everything You've Come to Expect by The Last Shadow Puppets and it is without a doubt my Holy Grail. It's the type of album that makes you want to dance and listen to closely at the same time. It's under the baroque pop genre apparently, which means it combines rock music with classical elements.. and it's epic.

This was quite a different post for me, but a fun one to write! Let me know what are some of your old school picks or all time favourites.



  1. Sk8r boi was one of my favourites as a kid! I don't know why really, as my other favourites were Natasha bedingfield and ABBA! Thanks for sharing, it's fun to look at one's development through the changes in music taste :)

    1. Loved all of those too haha! I know, it is fun looking back :)

  2. I absolutely love the movie submarine, I haven't listened to the soundtrack for ages - off to do that now! Also I loved this post!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Glad you like it too! Thank you! xx

  3. We must be psychic/too in tune with each other haha. Musical puns ftw. Good to know our music tastes have improved somewhat!

    Sophie | nanawintour.com

  4. The Lizzie McGuire movie is literally life! I still watch it all the time! And fergalicious, that song never fails to make me dance like a crazy person and I still can recite every word, much to my friends' disgust, ahah! And Singstar, the memories! I broke the song "Uptown Girl" on the disc because I played it so many times.

    Lauren | Dose of Wardrobe

    1. Ahahha same. Yes Uptown Girl was great.


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