9 July 2017

Recently Read: June

Nostalgic reading month

You could call June the month I threw all my normal reading out the window and indulged in some nostalgic books. If you're around my age I think you'll appreciate a bit of a Jacqueline Wilson throwback, because aren't her books just amazing? No, I didn't cry at the end of Cookie - a story about a girl and her mum who escape their abusive father/husband and learn to love themselves - YOU did. It was incredibly nice to read something a bit childish while stressing and studying for exams. Here's what I read in June (albeit a little late)...

Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson
Random House Children's Publishers, 9 October 2008

This is one of Jacqueline Wilson's newer(ish) books but I have fond memories reading this. As I touched on above, this is about a girl called Beauty who is bullied at school and constantly criticised by her father. She thinks her mum is the best person on the planet and she's her safe haven. But whenever her mum attempts to stand up for herself and Beauty, it doesn't work and she learns not to try again. The question is, will they find the courage to pack up and leave? This is such a fantastic book for young girls to read because the lesson learned is that you can get up and leave a situation if you want to, and you should accept yourself for who you are. This is a very heart-warming and cosy story that you'll appreciate even if you're not a child.

Girls Under Pressure by Jacqueline Wilson
Random House Children's Publishers, 6 November 2003

First published in 1998, this is part of the classic Jacqueline Wilson series 'Girls' which is for older readers than the likes of Cookie. This is the second book but you can read them out of order - it doesn't really matter! Girls Under Pressure is all about dieting, eating disorders and body image - incredibly important topics. It follows three main characters, Ellie, who is concerned about her weight, and her two best friends Madga and Nadine - who in her eyes - are absolutely gorgeous compared to her. But Madga and Nadine have their own issues to do with their appearance. Even though Cookie takes the prize as my favourite Jacqueline Wilson book I've revisited, this is another great book for young girls which teaches them you are fine just the way you are.

Girls in Tears by Jacqueline Wilson
Random House Children's Publishers, 1 October 2002

The fourth book in the 'Girls' series has less of a theme than the above so it's not my favourite, but this one is about the same girls, Ellie, Madga and Nadine who are navigating the trials and tribulations of teen life. Ellie's boyfriend Russell is causing her trouble and to top it off, the girls' friendship is teetering on the rocks. I think this does teach you about the importance of friendship and that your friends are always there for you in the end. I didn't particularly like how Ellie and her boyfriend's relationship was portrayed, as the warning signs were there with Russell yet Ellie sticks by him in the end. Definitely don't pick this one up as your first foray into Jacqueline Wilson.

Night Owls by Jenn Bennett
Simon & Schuster, 24 September 2015

And for something a tad different... this one is definitely for older readers compared to Jacqueline Wilson. As I said at the beginning of the post, this month I only felt like reading 'easy' books and this definitely fit the bill. This didn't take me too long to read at all. This is your classic boy meets girl book - Beatrice meets graffiti artist Jack on the night bus in San Francisco. At first meet he's attractive, charming mysterious, and as she soon finds out he's wildly rich. But behind that persona is a person and a family who have their own troubles. This was by no means a revolutionary book but I didn't hate it. I gave it 4 stars so I must have a liked it when I finished!

I also finished Margot & Me in June and I thoroughly loved that book! Check out my review here.




  1. I really liked Night Owls! I thought it was refreshing to see some interesting characters (graffiti artist and medical illustrator) as opposed to the usual kind of bad boy and quiet bookworm girl you get in a lot of contemporaries (of which I have read some and enjoyed!). I haven't read Jacqueline Wilson in years! She was the first author (besides JK) that I bought almost of every book from! <3 xxx

    1. Yeah I agree - their characters were actually quite refreshingly different. :)

  2. I remember reading cookie when I was younger, I used to love Jacqueline Wilson!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Such a lovely post, I used to read Jacqueline Wilson books as a child, and along with Roald Dahl they were some of my favourites. I liked that you revisited them, and sounds like it was enjoyable. I think it’s good to have a few easy/light-hearted reads on your bookshelf, I’m not always in the mood for something too heavy. Happy reading! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. I love the abundance of Jacqueline Wilson in this post! I also ordered Cookie from the library because of you & your sis. Good influences ;).

    Sophie | nanawintour.com


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