21 June 2017

New in: Antipodes Skincare

Three skincare products for combination skin

Recently I realised my skincare routine was lacking in something, and I had my skin to show for it. In other words it wasn't looking too flash. My skin is a combination of dry and oily, and acne-prone. I haven't had to take medication for my skin so far but it does have quite a lot of scarring and I always have breakouts. I've almost given up trying to find something to fix my skin, but these new additions from Antipodes are doing a darn good job at getting me somewhere. I'll explain...

Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum
This is where I first dabbled in Antipodes products and I've since used up a whole bottle of this. It's definitely not cheap, but I honestly think this has worked magic on my skin since I've purchased another and started using it again. This serum is the perfect product for pimple-prone people like myself because it dries breakouts down without severely drying out your whole face. This does feel dry on the skin once you've applied it, but because it has some wonderful smoothing properties, it makes the perfect base for moisturiser. I can't rave enough about this stuff - it has my skin looking all bright and a bit more under control. I use this at night-time with an oil-based cleanser to balance out my complexion because it's a hard time having combination skin.

Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser
As this says 'skin-brightening' in the title as with the serum, I somehow knew this cleanser was going to be similar to the Apostle formula - and I was right. It smells like strawberries (absolutely delicious) just like the serum. I currently use my faithful Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel as my night-time cleanser because it's heavier and more moisturising, but I was definitely missing a lighter cleanser that I could use in the mornings. This is a lightweight gel consistency which foams up gently, leaving the skin refreshed, bright and not too dry. This maybe wouldn't be ideal for people with super dry skin, but for combination and oily, this is a stand-out product. I'm so glad I got this because I do think it's helped shrink down existing breakouts I have. It's no miracle cure (and I don't expect any products to clear up my skin immediately) but this has been a joy to use. It leaves the skin so smooth and even-feeling, just like the serum.

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask
I would describe this as the perfect mask for when your skin is spotty but is also dry-feeling. As with the above products, I think this is ideal for those with combination skin because it doesn't clog pores and it's gentle on breakouts. The Aura mask is a very light-feeling, almost moisturiser type mask which makes it perfect to use two or three times throughout the week. After 20 minutes on, it will leave your skin refreshed but without feeling oily. I have to say, I do like the serum and cleanser the most, but out off the three this is the product I've experimented with the least so far - but I do like it.

Have you tried anything from Antipodes before?




  1. Great blog post Emma! Thanks for your kind words about Aura Manuka Honey Mask, Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum and Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser. Feedback like this is always exciting to us. #lovenaturalskincare #loveapostleskinbrighteningserum #lovejulietskinbrighteninggelcleanser #loveauramanukahoneymask

  2. These sound so good! Definitely need to look into these products and Antipodes!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  3. I would love to try Antipodes skincare soon! I've heard great things about them, especially their face masks xxx


    1. Their other face masks look lush, I'd love to try them.

  4. I love Antipodes - they're one of my favourite ever brands. Definitely give the Rejoice day cream a try!

    1. I definitely need a new moisturiser in my routine so that sounds good! x

  5. These sound great! I haven't tried anything from Antipodes before but with all the positive reviews I've heard about the brand, I'm sure I'll be trying something very soon!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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