8 June 2017

Around The Web | #3

These are a few of my favourite things...

Every so often I gather enough things I've been loving from around the internet to put together one of these posts. Truth be told they might be some of my favourite to write because I get to gush about cool things and cool people. Cue the post, featuring a clothing line I'm obsessing over, a podcast or two and my new girl crush.

Alexa Chung's fashion brand AKA the one where I want everything
I'm sure you've heard Alexa has dropped her very own clothing line, featuring some seriously lust-worthy items. My favourites include the Screw You t-shirt (it's made for me), the I Love You I Hate You tee (what can I say, I love slogan tees), this gorgeous Stripy Mohair Jumper and this very very wearable but oh-so-me Striped Jumper in navy and pink. There are quite a few lovely items that are sold out now (sob) but the shipping to NZ is so expensive it's not like it matters much anyway.

Podcasts of the moment AKA some seriously cool chats with inspirational people
I'm not sure that's exactly the most catchy title, but I digress. Lately I've been back on the podcast bandwagon after being lazy with it for a while, but let me tell you, there's nothing better than clicking play on a 40 minute episode while I browse the net or get some cleaning done (or something). The first podcast I've been loving is Lily and Anna's new one called At Home With and I especially loved Lisa Eldridge's episode - I always have time for that woman. Perfect long commute material if you ask me. Next, an old favourite I've been falling back in love with is Emma Gannon's podcast Ctrl Alt Delete and her new episode with Sali Hughes is mega inspirational - it made me want to get around to reading Pretty Iconic and to pick up Pretty Honest. Lastly I loved listening to Juno Dawson's episode where she talks all things gender, especially because I'm reading her book Margot & Me at the moment (which is so good, FYI!).

Alexandra Savior AKA all round cool girl
I don't usually mention music too much in these posts but after I'd become obsessed with Alexandra Savior in the time period of literally just one day, I had to squeeze in a mention. She's a singer-songwriter who's just released her debut album Belladonna of Sadness which was cowritten with none other than Alex Turner... hmm, no surprises I like it a lot then? The only thing I need now is for both Alex's to do a duet and my life would be complete. This comes close enough I guess. As for her actual music, its described as being dream pop, indie pop or psychedelic rock, according to Google at least, which is right up my street. If you like the kind of music I do, definitely check her out - I think she's going to be big. My favourite songs from the album are Mirage and Shades.

Crime TV AKA the shows that are too good to watch just one episode of
You know I'm partial to a Netflix marathon or two and the two shows I've been binging lately are The Keepers and The Fall. NZ Netflix only has the first two seasons of The Fall so I've only seen up until then however this show had me captivated from the beginning. I love a good crime drama but some can be quite average - there's just something about this that is so good. Then I started watching The Keepers one day when it popped up on Netflix and I finished the series in a few days. It's a documentary series about stories of sexual abuse at a religious school in the 1960s and 70s and a nun who got murdered in 1969, the killer remaining unnamed to this day. I'd say if you don't like scary things you may be a little bit unnerved by this but it's just very interesting.

Not exactly ending on a light note, but let me know if you have any podcast or TV show/documentary recommendations - I'd love to hear them!




  1. I started watching The Keepers late one night and didn't stop until I was finished, haha. Honestly not the best series to watch early in the morning but it was so captivating! Love shows like that.

    cait / cait rammy

    1. Yeah, it was quite addictive! I got a bit freaked out watching it when I was home alone but was just being silly! x


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