29 May 2017

May Beauty Edit

May in beauty looked a bit like this...

Eye essentials

As my skin has been lacking in lustre lately, I've been trying out some new skincare in the hope of sorting it out. Natural Instinct is a brand that uses natural ingredients and doesn't include any nasties, which I am intrigued by. I've been trying out a few things in the range, and so far a favourite has been the Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Creme, as it's hydrating but I can also feel it firming up my skin when applied. More about this brand another day though...

I picked up the Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner on a whim in a recent Sephora order and safe to say, it's been love at first sight (or first use). Although this has more of a little tip than I'm used to, it acts as the perfect precise product. What I like most about this eyeliner is that it's very black and wet when you apply it, but it dries down nicely and stays put all day. Some of the eyeliners I've used in the past aren't as long lasting but this one is A+. If you've been eyeing it up for a while, I definitely think it's worth a go.

I've been straying away from my faithful Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara and picking up the Sephora Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume Mascara. This reminds me of the former, but I think it's easier to remove at the end of the day, which is a plus for me because I hate removing my makeup. This mascara has quite a clumpy formula but if you clean the brush a little, it gives you lots of volume and looks very black.

Glowy cheeks

I have been loving a very rosy look on the cheeks, with lots of blush, paired with the Colourpop Lunch Money Super Shock Highlighter which I mentioned in my haul. Since trying this out more, I love the consistency of it as it's somewhere in the middle of a cream and powder formula. As I said before, I prefer applying this with my fingertips and sweeping it all over my cheekbones. It gives such a lovely glow and is at a really affordable price too (lunch money well spent, indeed!).

The easy makeup remover

Lately I've been using the Simply Essential Makeup Remover Cloths, which are something of an ingenious idea. You basically just wet these cloths and use them to remove your makeup - no hassle or waste of cotton pads, or vigorous rubbing. Despite me being a little skeptical at first, these actually do work and it's been plain sailing. Of course, you do need to cleanse your skin afterwards but it gets the majority off first.

Go-to fragrance

It's not often I'll talk about a new perfume on the blog, but I've been loving the Oscar de la Renta Live in Love fragrance. Someone I know described this as smelling like a fancy middle-aged woman, but I'm quite okay with that. Upon first spritz, this is a floral scent with a citrus, musky twist. This has notes of sparkling ginger orchid and bergamot, mixed with a combination of florals like jasmine, orange flower and rose, with a base of sensual musk. I don't typically like super floral fragrances, but there is something super lovely about this one as it has a bit of a deeper twist.




  1. I've not heard of those cloths, they sound like such a good idea, especially if it allows you to avoid spending £££'s on makeup removers! Will definitely have to try them.

    Maddie x


    1. Yeah, definitely - so good because they're reusable. x


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