25 May 2017

Jewellery Favourites & Wishlist

Shine on

It has been only recently that I've started embracing jewellery, and those around me may not have even noticed because I do have a penchant for more subtle accessories. But, that doesn't mean I don't want to have a go at something more statement, and that's where this post comes in. I thought I'd run you through some of my favourite pieces at the moment, and the more exciting bit; showing you my wishlist of items I'm calling critical to have in my life.

For some reason I seem to be having an affinity with earrings right now, and that love began when I picked up a pair of simple gold hoops. There's nothing remotely stand-out about them but they just add something to an outfit. One of favourite wearer-of-hoops is definitely Emma Gannon - you only have to glance at her instagram feed to take in some serious inspo when it comes to ear decoration.

I also have a lot of love for silver jewellery, there's no doubt about it. I wear my two little Pandora rings almost daily but a new favourite has been my Ophelia earrings from the new girl on the block, Albertine from Pigment Studio. You might have seen me raving about her designs somewhere on the internet, but if you haven't had a gander at her online store, you're certainly missing out. I am definitely eyeing up more of Albertine's statement designs - they're so unique and special, but entirely wearable.

It's always nice to support more local or independent designers. A favourite for jewellery browsing is The Bread and Butter Letter which is something of a treasure in Auckland. I do own a necklace from there, although I don't get as much wear out of it as I should. I think I lean more towards rings and earrings these days. Speaking of...

The Statement Earring Edit

Are you a jewellery person? And are you into the whole statement jewellery thing?




  1. I love dainty little jewellery pieces! That way I can always layer them without it looking TOO much xx


  2. Going dainty with jewellery is such a good look! x

  3. I'm still not sure if I'm a jewellery person, I do like wearing rings, earrings and bracelets but not all the time, it's like it's too much for me or something. But I love the one on your post !


    1. Thanks! I often forget to wear jewellery. x

  4. Ooh I have the Ophelia earrings! Albertine is killing it x

    cait / cait rammy


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