19 May 2017

A Mini Colourpop Haul

Giving Colourpop a trial run...

Colourpop's been on my radar ever since it started gaining hype online, but I never made an order until one day I saw they were doing free international shipping. Why not? Colourpop is actually surprisingly cheap, but is it worth the hype? I've picked up a few items to test - a highlighter, an eyeshadow and a lip product!

Poison Lippie Stix
The first thing I have to say about this product is the shade looks a little different in real life than it does online. It could be my skin tone, but this doesn't look like the red brick I imagined - it's the spitting image of Rimmel 107 if you know that. So while I am a little disappointed about the shade, the formula of this is a winner. It doesn't feel drying on the lips at all, like some matte formulas can. It's not super, super matte but I'd take that over flaky, gross looking lips any day. I'd love to know if you've tried these and what shades you have? I'm thinking I'd like to try a more wearable every day shade next time.

Weenie Super Shock Shadow
I knew I wanted to try out an eyeshadow that I could wear on its own all over the lid - of course I went for a coppery, rosy shade. The melty formula of these is so nice and easy to apply. They do have a bit of a unique texture, being somewhere in between a cream and a powder. I have to say this does look quite different on the lid than it does in the pan - but it's metallic city and I love it. I haven't tested out the staying power of this yet but so far this gets a thumbs up.

Lunch Money Super Shock Highlighter
Believe it or not, I don't own many highlighters. I'd love to have more in my stash, but I never know quite what to buy since there's many to choose from. The formula of this highlighter is pretty much identical to the super shock shadows, meaning it melts into the skin best applied with fingers. It's hard to go heavy handed with this one, as I find it achieves a subtle result. I'd say this would be described as a light champagne gold colour and rest assured it looks pretty flattering on my pale skin tone. I'm yet to work out the best way to apply this, but fingers are my go to right now.

Have you bought anything from Colourpop & have you liked what you've tried? Send your recommendations my way!




  1. I am so keen to pick up Lunch Money now. The lippie stick you should try is Lumiere. It was part of the Kathleen Lights collab and is such a beautiful shade. I think it's still in my collection actually. For their Super Shock Shadows I love the shade La La. Stunning!

    1. Ooh that colour looks nice! I think I would go for some kind of pink next time. x

  2. I love the Lippie Stix and I have quite a few shades, I love the shade Daydreamer and I honestly can't remember the name of the rest. Love CP, wish they would stop with these pesky custom fees, thanks for sharing. Lunch Money looks gorgeous! Also, love that name haha, have a great weekend x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Luckily I didn't get any custom fees! I do love that name too! Thank you x

  3. Lovely haul! Weenie looks so pretty! I just picked up their Super Shock Shadow in Elixir and it's one of my favourite eyeshadows at the moment :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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