26 April 2017

The Jumper Lookbook

Sweater Weather

You probably know by now that I tend to have a hankering for a good jumper. They're practically my favourite piece of clothing to own, and when Autumn comes around (for NZ at least) I'm known to give off a squeal of delight at the outfit possibilities. From the plain jane to the bold, everything is welcome. It's time to roll up my sleeves, you could say, and chat about my favourite sweaters, paired with a good pair of jeans of course - what else would you expect?

Seeing Red - This red and pink jumper from Selected Femme via ASOS could look like a rad jumper or a cheerleader's uniform (as was pointed out to me..), depending on how you look at it. Red and pink is a colour combination I hated back in the day, but it's literally my favourite thing at the moment. Red is very 'on trend' (if you want to call it that) this season, whether it be for autumn or spring. Try...

The Fail-Safe - To the eye this jumper may look as boring as you can get, but trust me, there's no greater delight than finding the perfect comfy basic. From Glassons, this jumper with ribbing is the perfect thing to wear under coats. It's not too thin or thick and goes with literally everything... especially tucked into high waisted jeans. Try...

Frills, They're Multiplying - Cheesy Grease lyrics aside, it's a big 'yes please' to frills for this girl. Yes... you're the one that I want. This is probably my favourite jumper because it's completely wearable but has a little something to peak interest. Picked up from Urban Outfitters, it's probably not available anymore, but it's a goodie. Try...

Tickled Pink - I happen to be quite partial to a pink jumper which ends up looking a bit 80s inspired, which I am for. This high-necked one is from Glassons and is bang-on trend - it doesn't look like pink is disappearing any time soon. There are plenty of options available, and these days a pink knit is practically a staple in anyone's wardrobe if you ask me. Try...

Show Your Stripes - You didn't think I'd missed out stripes, did you? I could hardly make a blog post about jumpers without mentioning my true love - the striped sweater. Stripes never go out of fashion as far as I'm concerned and my wardrobe is stocked full. Tucked into blue denim - piece of cake. This is an old jumper, but there are hundreds out there for perusal. Try...

What kind of jumper do you like wearing?




  1. Loving these jumpers! The first one has to be my fave :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. Love all of these jumpers, especially the first one - I wish it was still jumper weather in the UK (right now it is) but I'm sure it won't be soon!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Yeah when it's too hot I'm sad I can't wear jumpers! x

  3. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Love these jumpers! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the frilled one, I'm kind of obsessed with frills at the moment x


  4. Yesss love it! I'm so looking forward to winter to wear jumpers. Though I do need to pick up a few more I think. A lot of my op shop finds had gotten a bit ratty so had to throw them out in a wardrobe clear out. The red and pink one looks so good on you!

    cait \ cait rammy

    1. It's always nice to pick up a few new jumpers when winter comes around! Thanks x


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