3 April 2017

March Beauty Edit

Glossy pink lids, pastel digits & silky, soft hair

The amount of new beauty products I've acquired over the past couple of months has dwindled quite a bit, hence the lack of beauty posts on my blog. I tend to stick to the same products these days, because they work for me, and I don't have time to buy and try out more things - however, there are a few things I wanted to chat about this month - a micellar water, my dream shampoo + conditioner duo, and more.

Good things come in twos

After featuring the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in my recent First Impressions post, I've warmed up a tad to the idea of an at home gel manicure, and I'm convinced this product is the way of the future. Slight exaggeration there, but it's been hard to go back to normal nail polish after painting my digits with the pastel pink Flower Crown (211) shade in particular. The idea behind it is you're meant to use the nail colour, and the second step is the Miracle Gel Top Coat which seals everything. The actual nail colour can look a bit patchy at times, so add an extra coat if needed. No, it's no witchcraft, but my nails end up looking fake or professionally done without the hassle.

If you want yourself some lovely locks, I would point you in the direction of OGX. I've had a brief fling with a few other shampoo and conditioners, but I always find myself going back to the Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner. They are more expensive than some other hair care brands, but I definitely think it's worth it, because they're seemingly the only thing that can sort out my frizzy mop. So, good things definitely come in twos... and as a bonus this duo makes your hair smell amazing.

Pretty in Pink

The limited edition Max Factor Masterpiece Palette in Rose Nudes* has shades to die for. While I might cringe at the phrase 'right on trend', the pink and purple shades in this palette are just a bit up to the minute (read: a lot). The shade that called my name the first time I set eyes on the palette, is the shimmery copper pink (4th from left). This shade, by itself all over the lid, results in a subtle, glossy look that is all sorts of pretty. I also like combining the more purple shades for a subtle smoky eye which I think suits blue eyes nicely. These do melt into the skin easily and are the perfect thing for an understated, undone, soft look - however they are not the most pigmented or long-lasting I've come across. For the price point though? I rate it. They also have the Cappuccino Nudes and Golden Nudes colour-ways.

An old favourite

I have picked up the NARS Creamy Concealer again because I was in search of something that would actually somewhat cover my spots - I've been having a bit of bad luck with my concealer recently. Some are too thick and separate on the skin, or others are too thin and don't cover dark marks at all. I really do rate the NARS base products I've tried so far - this concealer does its covering duty well without being really thick and cakey looking on the skin. I am also very tempted to try the new NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer - lets face it, I'm going to make an order soon (although the lighter shades are now sold out - grrr!)

Take the day off

I've been trialling the NIVEA Sensitive Caring Micellar Water over the past couple of months, and I might have converted from my usual Garnier one. Sometimes I felt the Garnier one was a bit harsh on my skin, and although it's quite hard to really tell the difference between micellar waters, I think I prefer this one. It removes pesky eye makeup quite easily and my face makeup too. In that sense, I prefer to use this product as a makeup remover and initial cleanse - I always follow up with my regular cleanser after. I have debated doing a post comparing the few micellar waters I've tried, but its tricky to compare!

Will you be trying any of these products?


*PR Sample


  1. I still haven't tried that Max Factor palette yet it's been sitting on my desk for a while. Whoops! Definitely grab that NARS concealer when it's back in stock. It's good!

    1. I hope it goes back in stock soon! x

  2. I really like OGX shampoo and conditioner too - my favourite is the coconut range. I had a play with the new NARS concealers in Mecca recently and they seemed pretty nice, although not that I need a new concealer...
    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

    1. I've tried the coconut one and it's nice too! x

  3. You've reminded me that I have some of the sally hansen nail polishes laying around!

  4. I've always wanted to try the OGX hair care! It sounds amazing and my hair could really use some loving haha. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

    1. You really should try it, I love the brand! x


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