14 April 2017

5 Things: Self Care

Self Care 101

You may have (or probably not have) noticed my recent absence from this corner of the internet. Truth be told, I'm finding it a tad difficult to juggle uni, work and blogging. I think we all have these struggles from time to time. Nevertheless, now I have a two week break, today I wanted to write a casual post about some of the little, miscellaneous things I've been loving lately. When you're dealing with an infinite amount of work, it can tend to take a toll on mental health. These are some of the things getting me through at the moment...

Peppermint Tea
I've never been a tea drinker, but I can certainly get behind peppermint tea. Any hot drink just makes me feel cozy, and it's nice to settle down with one and a good book when you just need to chill. Peppermint tea has a subtle, refreshing taste and according to the packet it's pretty good for the digestive system. It's autumn in New Zealand (although not terribly cold yet..) so brewing a hot cuppa is the perfect thing to get into the habit of doing.

Face Masks
Not exactly rocket science, but a good beauty pamper every now and then can do wonders. Using a refreshing or invigorating mask can perk you up to no end and is best done from the comfort of your own bed if you ask me. I like using the Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel because it creates a smooth surface to apply oils and moisturiser to, for a full on pamper treat. It can be a little harsh, but I don't use this that often. By far my favourite face mask is The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask. This one is incredibly reviving, a little exfoliating, and glow-inducing.

A face mask is perfectly paired with a hot bath. We recently had water restrictions where I live, so I tried not to have any baths, but now it's back to normal, I've realised how much I've missed baths. Personally, a bath really relaxes me and perfect just before bed. I also get a lot more reading done when I have baths, because when I'm busy it's a little slice of the day I'm forced to just lie-down. The experience is made even better when you have a Lush treat or two to pop in the tub.

Before I started uni this year, I told myself I would use the evenings to shut off - read a book or watch a TV show so I did something every day just to relax. It's worked pretty well so far - I mean it's not that hard to do. I find if I get my work done mostly during the day, then I can tell myself I have the rest of the day off, and don't have to feel guilty. At the moment, I'm watching 13 Reasons Why, along with the rest of the world... I actually read the book about four years ago but can't even remember what happened, lol. FYI, Planet Earth is a very calming thing to watch before bed and will make you appreciate how amazing the planet, and animals, are.

Creature Comforts
You could say all of these are creature comforts, but when I'm feeling sad or stressed, I always reach for my favourite things to give me a boost - whether that be my favourite book, film, watching YouTube clips of my favourite person or from my favourite TV show - the list is endless. Those things that are unique to you, that one 'thing' that makes you feel instantly happier. Remember that you should enjoy the little things and try not to think in extremes. I should try taking my own advice..

I think this is the post I needed to write today - here's to giving ourselves a little bit of love every now and then (..or all the bloody time, amiright?).




  1. Juggling work, uni and blogging can be hard sometimes for sure! Peppermint tea is one of my favourite things when I'm feeling like I need a bit of self care, so warming!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It definitely can! Peppermint tea is so nice :)

  2. Love this blog post - such an important reminder for everyone! I do all of these things when I need some much needed self-care, as well as buy myself a new cheeky pair of fluffy pyjama's from Primark, and a candle if I'm feeling extra fancy.
    Bekki / www.filler-chapters.com x


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