20 March 2017

Workwear Lookbook

For those of us who opt for sneakers most days...

My idea of workwear essentially equates to pretty blouses, my favourite pair of jeans, a standard pair of black trousers and the all important pair of not-too-high pointed boots. I've recently upped my professional clothing game (which is pretty hilarious considering it's still casual af) but I thought I'd put together a little lookbook for the gals who hate dressing up and will go for sneakers over anything else most days.

(Floral Blouse from Glassons, Cream Blouse from Topshop, Gingham Top from Mirrou)

I have a few blouses that I reach for when I want to dress up slightly, but still maintain my aesthetic, because there's nothing worse than wearing something you're not comfortable in. If there's one thing in life I hate, it's overdressing. Whether it's this cream-coloured, star patterned, button-up shirt from Topshop, my gingham cold shoulder number, or black and white striped top with flared sleeves, I'm still staying true to me.

I don't know about you, but I've been loving tops with cute cut outs and special detail. If there's one trend I can get behind, it's most definitely anything flared or ruffled. Take me back to the 70s... and with a nice pair of jeans I do think patterned tops can look really cute and still presentable.

(Top from Mirrou)

Exhibit A, B, and C...

If there's one thing my wardrobe was lacking, it was 'work pants'. Excuse me if I give a small shudder here, because it's not something I really 'do'. Upon investigation, there actually are a number of cute, and still relaxed-looking pants, on offer if you look at places like ASOS. I've opted for a pair of pin striped pants with a split detail at the ankle (not that you can see - you're welcome for my extremely professional photography).

I think a nice white blouse or crisp t-shirt goes nicely with these pants, as I wouldn't wear these with any of the above tops because of pattern overload. I also have a pair of plain black ones, but I really do think that jeans are A OK as long as you're not chucking on a slobby looking jumper... Wow, look at me giving all this fashion advice! Truly inspirational.

(Pants from Glassons)

And I've saved my new boots for last - what a joy they are to look at. They're extremely simple, and just what I was after. I don't know if it's the case for everyone, but I find it really quite hard to dig out a pair that fit all my needs - not too high, not too detailed, won't cost me an arm and a leg... but these Urban Outfitter Vagabond boots are actually a dream come true, so far. Not to mention I got them on sale. They look pretty narrow so I was skeptical about the fit, but they are perfect and are really comfortable. They're definitely going to come in handy for upcoming autumn & winter.

(Boots from Urban Outfitters)

I've left some of my favourite similar items below (or above linked items where I can) for your own browsing:

What do you wear in a more professional environment? I'd love to know - I could use all the help I can get.



  1. All these outfits are so pretty! They're suitable for work yet still super stylish and casual. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  2. Anonymous1:34 am

    This came with perfect timing as I'm struggling between workwear and my usual casual style.

    Arden | Missing Wanderer

    1. It's a tricky balance sometimes :)

  3. I adore your style, love everything here - especially the gingham top *heart eye emoji* hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. Nice! Everything is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the post!


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