16 March 2017

Around The Web | #2

The one where I get a bit link happy...

I say 'around the web', but most of these mentions are YouTube videos which I've thoroughly enjoyed watching. Aside from YouTubers, there are a few other rad things sprinkled in here. This series is essentially everything I've been loving lately in link form, so let's get started.

Liv Purvis' 'Inside The Wardrobe Of' series
I have been reading What Olivia Did for a few years, and her YouTube videos that have graced my screen recently are fab too. She has introduced a new series called 'Inside The Wardrobe Of' where she sits down and has a casual chat with a very stylish gal. Liv herself has a style that dreams are made of, so these vids are a very welcome addition to my subscription box. So far, she has had Charlotte Jacklin of Betty Magazine and Emma Gannon, author, blogger, podcaster... (the list is endless). What I like about this series is she brings on very 'normal' and relatable women who aren't necessarily high fashion goddesses, but know what they like and how to dress themselves.

Oh My! Moon Cup Chats with Lucy and Hannah
I have a guilty pleasure, and it's watching people try menstrual cups. No, don't click off - it's not as creepy as it sounds. I've mentioned it on the last instalment of this series, but Hannah Witton does a wonderful series on YouTube called The Hormone Diaries, and as part of that, she recently tried a menstrual cup and reported back whether it was worth the fuss or not. Similarly, Lucy Wood (who is an all-round lovely gal who makes great videos) made a video titled 'The Mooncup Diaries', so I'm sure you can imagine the fun things that go on. I genuinely love watching videos about periods, there's just something about them...

'Feminism Is Not a Trend' by Viva
I recently wrote a news story along the lines of this one from Viva Magazine (which is a New Zealand online publication if you didn't know). I personally find this article very interesting and there is definitely two sides to this topic, so if you're intrigued by the title do go over and have a squizz. It's something I think about quite often, as there's always that one business who's jumping on the bandwagon of feminism and earning money from it. Let me know your thoughts...

Blossoms in The Live Lounge
This is such a random one, however I've been kind of obsessed with the British band Blossoms lately, and their cover of 'In Da Club' is pretty fab. I can see why some people sort of hate it, but in my mind it's so unexpected that it's good.. Plus, if it's 50 cent mashed up with George Michael's 'Careless Whisper', I'm all ears. Definitely check out Blossoms if you've never heard of them - their debut album that came out recently is all kinds of cool.

Rosianna Halse Rojas x Backburner
Sit down with a hot cup of tea, and maybe a couple of biscuits, because Rosianna's Backburner series on YouTube is long but amazing. She essentially explores the link between food and mental health, which I think is fascinating. She cooks from the same book for a month and along the way ends up tracking her mental health and energy levels. There's something poignant, thoughtful and relaxing about them. She's done two so far which can be found here, and here. Rosianna makes super interesting and thoughtful videos so I urge you to check her channel out.



  1. Love it when bloggers share links - I also watched hannah wittons mooncup/divacup video and it did make me laugh, but it was so raw and informative!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. I love to see what other people are reading, watching and listening too, so I loved this post! Especially keen to check out in 'Inside the wardrobe of' series and Rosianna's Backburner series. I find the link between food and mental health so damn interesting!

    Maddie | https://teaandtoasties.wordpress.com/

    1. I love those two series a lot :) Also yes I find that incredibly interesting!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I loved Hannah's video and it's made me so keen to get a moon cup for myself! Also, Rosianna's back burner is one of my favourite Youtube series at the moment. I agree in that they make me feel so relaxed.

    Now to watch that Blossoms vid...

    xx Carina

    1. Yes - Rosianna's series is so relaxing and there's just something so nice about it.. x


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