22 February 2017

February Book Haul

All the usual YA mixed in with a touch of beauty

If you know me, you know that I do love a good Young Adult contemporary. There are so many fantastic books out there for teens that deal with really important topics, such as mental health or police brutality as that may be the case here. There are a few new releases here which I am beyond excited to read soon, so read on to find out what books I've acquired over the month...

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas*
This isn't out yet, but it's the book everyone is talking about. Authors like John Green, Louise O'Neill and Becky Albertalli (the kings and queens of YA if you ask me) have praised this book and from everything I've seen, everyone needs to read this - especially teenagers. This book is extremely relevant with the police brutality we've seen in the news, and demonstrates just how much this effects people. This is essentially about sixteen-year-old Starr who lives in a poor neighbourhood but attends a posh high school, who witnesses the fatal shooting of her unarmed best friend by a police officer. She has to deal with the reality of getting hurt, or worse killed, if she speaks out about what she saw. The Hate U Give is set to be a movie starring The Hunger Games actor Amanda Stenberg.

A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard
I recently read Sara Barnard's book Beautiful Broken Things and I absolutely loved it (review coming soon!), so picking up A Quiet Kind of Thunder was a no brainer. The summary of this story strikes a bit of a chord with me, and besides that I've heard a few reviewers say this is great. If there's one thing I love, it's slow-burning romances, and I'd say this may just hit that to a tee. It follows Steffi and Rhys - she doesn't talk (she's a selective mute), and Rhys can't hear (he's deaf). I think this will be such a sweet story and I can't wait to get into it.

Wing Jones by Katherine Webber
This has been gaining steam in the YA world - I've seen it pop up in various YouTube videos and on social media. To me this seems like quite a unique novel, set in the 90s, and about a girl called Wing Jones who discovers she can really run. She has a grandmother from China and another from Ghana, who guide her along and act as sort of guardian angels, but in magical realism form. I also love the purple ombre sprayed edges this edition has!

Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes
When beauty and books mix, you know it's a match made in heaven for me. I recently won this book in a giveaway and I couldn't be more pleased - it's not something I would necessarily have bought myself but it's literally the perfect gift for the beauty lover in your life. I've already flicked through this and I'm already heart eyes over all the retro looking colours and photography. This book features all the iconic beauty products the author Sali Hughes personally loves, and if there's one thing I know it's there is some amazing beauty goodness in this.

The Cruelty by Scott Bergstorm*
My sister actually sneakily read this before me, but one thing she said was that the pacing was really good - and that's exactly what I like in a book. This is a YA thriller which is kind of like Taken but in reverse - the daughter has to rescue her father as he's been kidnapped. It follows her journey across London and the criminal underworld to bring him back. I'm hoping this will be fast-paced and a bit of a page-turner as that's exactly what I'm after if I'm going to read a thriller.

What book do you like the look of most?


*Review Copy



  1. These books all look so beautiful! I love the sound of The Cruelty and The Hate U Give

    1. They all have really nice covers don't they? x

  2. Anonymous10:20 am

    These all sound blimmin great :-)

    Arden | Missing Wanderer

  3. Every time I see your book hauls/posts it reminds me I really need to start reading more - at the moment I'm mid way through Bloom by Estee Lalonde, but I really like the look of pretty iconic!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I feel like that's quite common haha. Bloom looks like such a beautiful book! x


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