18 February 2017

Collective Clothing Haul

I have an obsession with red & slogans, apparently...

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to get a bit ~spendy~ and buy a few bits and pieces from Urban Outfitters, ASOS and my new favourite slogan-loving shop Fan Club Clothing. I have a thing for a good slogan and the people at that shop are what I'd call experts. As always, I'm looking forward to winter so I have a nod to chilly weather, with a mix of summer t-shirts and things. Do read/scroll on to see more, kicking it off with a reference to The Beatles...

Admittedly, I'm not The Beatles' number one fan, however this t-shirt was too cute to pass up, and whether or not you know it's the name of one of their albums, it's still ~cool~. I thought the letters on this tee would just be printed on, but they're actually a velvety texture. In case you haven't noticed, I've kind of adopted more of a love for 60s/70s, even 80s inspired things, and this adds a bit of that vibe to my wardrobe.

I also decided to buy a little red crossbody bag, and I couldn't be more in love. You may have noticed this was featured in my Valentine's Lust List post, so this was one item I treated myself to. Even though I've said it's a bag, it is more of a wallet as when you open it it has lots of space for cards, money and a space in the middle to slot your phone into. I personally love the idea of a pop of red in an outfit, and I think it goes really well with a white top.

Revolver Tee from Fan Club Clothing
Crossbody Bag from Urban Outfitters

Another confession... I don't particularly think disco sucks, but I wanted some way to show my love for Freaks and Geeks - I'm not sure if other people would get this, but I thought it was a good nod to the 70s. This isn't perhaps as wearable as the white top, but I do like the retro vibes all the same.

Disco Sucks Tee from Fan Club Clothing
Stranger Things Tee from Urban Outfitters

Surprise, surprise... it's another retro inspired tee, or more specifically from the very popular show Stranger Things. If anyone hasn't watched that yet, just like, don't even talk to me... I'm very happy that I have some kind of memorabilia to the show, and I mean, this just makes the perfect pyjama top anyway. Side note... I freaking love Urban Outfitter's t-shirts from the men's section - they're quite cheap and often more of my style than the women's section.

If you'd thought I'd stop at the bag with the the red accessories, you'd be wrong. Both of them were on sale so... it's ~justified~. When I spied this scarf with the words 'Bonjour Baby' embroidered, I was like, get in my basket now. While being quite an impulse purchase (and kind of silly considering it's still summer here), it's actually a really nice quality scarf, and I'm already dreaming up outfits for it when winter comes around...

Bonjour Baby Scarf from Urban Outfitters
New Look Dress from ASOS (Similar linked below)

And last of all we have a dress (this is practically unheard of these days - you can't separate me from jeans and a top) from ASOS. I was specifically browsing for long sleeve, floral patterned, with a V neck, and I'd say this definitely dress ticks all of those boxes. When it actually arrived on my doorstep, I didn't actually know how to style it or when to wear it (it's not very summery), so I'm still thinking about this one. I do think it would look nice and extra witchy with black tights and a coat in the winter... Nevertheless I do love the sheer sleeves and the back detail.




  1. Love your style, especially that last dress - and I noticed your bookshelf is sorted by colour and coordinates with all your red accessories!

    1. Thanks :) Yeah I do love to colour coordinate my bookshelf! x

  2. I love your style so much, You look beautiful! I also really love your hair, it's just so sleek and shiny looking.


  3. You got so many lovely bits ahh - I'm obsessed with the slogan tees!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Same, can't get enough of them! x

  4. Anonymous7:51 pm

    All of the pieces are so cool, I love your style! The scarf & the dress in particular made my heart soar x



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