23 November 2016

November Music Recommendations

Bands to fill the hole in your indie heart

I've discovered quite a lot of new music recently which has been great, because for the past couple of months (heck, the past year) I've been listening to the exact same two bands. Let's see if you can guess... anyway, here I have some fresh new music recommendations, and I won't lie, it's mostly down the the fab Liv and her recent record collection video - I swear we have very similar music taste and I'm lovin' it. Without further ado, here are a few new artists to check out...

This is exactly the type of band which ticks all the boxes for me - catchy indie pop, but with something a little moody, with organ and guitar to boot. Blossoms is an English band made up of four members and they're pegged to be something like a mix of The Doors and the Arctic Monkeys, which can only be good in my books. So they're everything from groovy and spooky, to the classic Brit pop style.

My favourite songs are: Charlemagne, Texia, You Pulled a Gun on Me.

There's one band I want to compare Temples to, and that is Tame Impala. They have a psychedelic air about them - actually - rather full-on psychedelic pop that has something a bit experimental about them. For some reason they're almost giving me a The Beatles vibe, but with something cooler. They are also a four piece British band, but there's something inherently cool about them that doesn't exactly place them in the standard British indie pop box.

My favourite songs are: Shelter Song, Mesmerise, Sun Structures.

The Last Shadow Puppets
Okay, so this isn't a new-to-me band, in fact they're one of my ultimate favourites, however I thought I'd mention their new covers which are coming out. They've so far released Is This What You Wanted - a Leonard Cohen cover - and Les Cactus - a Jacques Dutronc cover. There are more to be released and they so far they've all come with a brand spanking new music video, which features Alex Turner's amazing dad dance moves. Not complaining. I pre-ordered the limited edition red vinyl of this new EP release and I'm itching for it to arrive. If you've never listened to TLSP before, expect dark, theatrical but rocky tunes that are a tad eccentric to a newbie.

My favourite songs are: Is This What You Wanted and The Dream Synopsis, with more to be released soon.

Beach Baby
Your answer to accessible indie, beachy tunes, Beach Baby is one of my new favourites. No surprises here, but this band is another four-piece entirely made up of dudes and they specialise in melodic indie rock with post-punk flavour (according to Spotify, that is). Their latest release and debut album - No Mind No Money - practically has me dancing all over the place and I can't get enough of them. They're slightly dreamy sounding, very addictive, and a whole lotta cool.

My favourite songs are: Limousine and Ladybird.

I've put together a playlist with all my faves...

What have you been listening to recently?


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