24 October 2016

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Separating the good from the bad...

Or should I say the really good products from the not so great, not worth your time products. I'm sure that's a saying that's going to catch on soon.. Anyway. I've been trialling out a fair bit of skincare recently, so I thought I'd do a round-up post and tell you what I've been slapping on my face recently. There are a couple things in here I've been trying out for quite some time, others I haven't tried quite so much. But nevertheless... hopefully you'll takeaway something from this post.

This is a product that has been featured on here one or two times and it's one that I love. I'm mentioning it now because it's almost empty (how?) and I'm regretfully I'm going to have to buy another bottle. I saw regretfully because I like my money to actually stay in my bank account, but I do think this is worth its price for its toning, smoothing and brightening effects it seems to have on my complexion. This doesn't leave an oily feeling on the skin, rather it's a gel like texture, which sinks into the skin and is a perfect base for moisturiser.

This is a very lightweight, cooling product that supposedly firms the eye area, tightens and brightens. I haven't used this a load, but when I have, it did add a bit of extra moisture to the area in combination with my face moisturiser. I wouldn't describe this as rich, as it's a very liquidy product, and for that reason I don't think it's going to do absolute wonders at improving my dry under eye area. I suppose this is more of a serum designed to firm, but overall I wouldn't go out of your way to buy this. I've been using it a little because my Clinique eye cream is running out, which leads me onto...

It sort of makes my eyes water at how expensive this little pot of eye cream is... but sadly I do really like this product. I find it's the perfect consistency - not too rich and not too thin and lightweight to nicely moisturise and nourish the under eye area. I hadn't used an eye cream before trying this one out but I'm not sure if I can go back now. I think the Clinique eye creams are genuinely fab, so if you're on the lookout for a new one, maybe this could work. I don't use eye creams for wrinkles or anything like that (I don't care, haha) but I think the extra bit of moisture helps make-up go on nicer.

This is a new range of New Zealand made skin care specifically targeted at teens, which I think is quite a nice idea. I believe their range is focused on everything natural, and you can really tell that it is by the smell, for starters. This moisturiser smells like lemon and ginger when first applied, which is really strong but quite nice, but when rubbed into the skin it kind of smells like grass which is slightly off putting. I think the moisturiser itself is quite nice though - it's very lightweight but takes a little while to sink into the skin. My skin feels very soft afterwards and I will genuinely continue to use this. Lightweight moisturisers with more natural ingredients is what I've found my skin enjoys. Does anyone agree that it's really hard to find the perfect moisturiser, though?

This is a product I've only tried a couple of times. Apparently this product is for 25+ so on hindsight this probably isn't the serum for me. This is a very lightweight, liquidy, gel-like serum that sinks into the skin quite fast. It did make my skin feel quite smooth afterwards but nothing amazing happened for me to warrant continue using this.

Apparently this 'releases intense moisture as you sleep' but I wouldn't go that far. This is another quite light moisturiser that is more suited to night time use. After using this quite a few times, this Neutrogena moisturiser does make my skin feel supple and refreshed after use. It isn't an intensely rich night cream, which is probably quite good, because rich moisturisers tend to clog my pores. I haven't had any kind of reaction or break-out to this so far so I will probably continue using this every few nights.

Question time! Do you use the same skin care products over and over or do you like to try new things? I'm a little hesitant to try loads of new products in case my skin freaks out..

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