20 October 2016

BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette + Brush Set Review

Today I'm reviewing an eyeshadow palette and brush set from BH Cosmetics...

When I saw Shaaanxo's Eyeshadow and Lipstick Palette I thought I had to get it. I fell in love with the orange shade above because I am all about that warm toned eyeshadow look right about now. This is a really affordable palette and it seems to still be on sale at the moment. The palette itself features 9 shades - some gold, brown and pink toned shimmery wearable eyeshadows, and a few matte colours. I will start off by saying I have never owned much eyeshadow and I've never been one to wear it too much, but lately I've been obsessed with it and lashings of mascara.

Starting from the left and going across to the right, there is a creamy matte white which would be great for inner corner. Next there is a shimmery champagne colour, and a shimmery pink coppery colour (one of my faves). On the second row it has an orange yellow shade which is slightly neon (the only shade in the palette I'm not too much a fan of), a shimmery warm toned golden brown, and an amazing orange rust shade which has to be my favourite. The final row consists of a cooler toned chocolate shimmery brown, a really intriguing metallic brown colour (it has almost hints of green in it) and lastly a matte dark brown (almost black).

My verdict? The eyeshadows are really decently pigmented and not chalky. I haven't tried too many palettes, but when they are chalky I absolutely can't stand it. They're don't have a particularly buttery formula, but for the price they are really good and do stick around on the lid. I feel like if you are a lover of warm eyeshadow looks featuring browns and orange tones you would really love this palette - it's really suitable for autumn or practically any time year round because you can create really natural looks.

The palette comes with 9 lipstick colours on the other side. I mainly got this palette for the eyeshadow, but I have been testing out the lipsticks here and there. I personally don't really like lip palettes like this because I don't have a lip brush and it can get a bit messy. In saying that, I think the pink/nude shades in this palette are really wearable and can be dabbed into the lips for a semi sheer finish. They actually do stain your lips a little bit so there is a long-wear element to them. However, they can feel a tad sticky if applied too much and I'm mostly a fan of super matte formulas. I think I will still get some wear out of the lipstick palette though because there's a variety of shades that are actually really lovely.

From left to right: Precision Detailer Brush, Angled Face Shader Brush, Small Round Blending Brush, Flat Top Buffing Brush, Tapered Contour Brush, Nose Contour Brush, Tapered Face Blending Brush, Large Shader Brush, Small Deluxe Blending Brush, Precision Blush Brush.

When making an order for the palette, I slipped in the Sculpt and Blend 2 - 10 Piece Brush Set too because I'd seen some good things. The set I got has a few eyeshadow brushes, quite a selection of face brushes for powder products, some good concealer brushes, a flat top brush for foundation and weirdly, a nose contour brush...

The brushes are really soft and I feel like I can get a lot of use out of them because of all the different ways to use them. After trying these out for a few weeks, the brushes I've used the most are the eyeshadow brushes - they're good for applying colour and blending - and the face brushes for powder and blush. I did use the flat top brush for foundation and it worked well for a lighter finish, but it isn't as dense as my holy grail Real Techniques Buffing Brush. There are probably two or three brushes I wouldn't use, or use much, in this set. BH Cosmetics have a range of different brush sets available, so I could have easily picked up a slightly different set.

Overall I think these brushes are great for beginners because of the decent price and they work really well. I really like the Shaaanxo palette too, and once again, would probably be good for beginners or novices like me.


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