13 October 2016

5 Pamper Picks

What I've been treating my skin and body to lately...

Whether you're in the Northern Hemisphere or Southern, I think there's never an excuse not to pamper yourself. I'm currently going into summer, where those fresh smelling and radiance boosting scrubs are of the upmost importance, while those stepping into autumn may want to stock up on those delicious-smelling bath treats.

Lush So White Bath Bomb
As the Lush Christmas range has just graced stores in New Zealand, I've been snooping around and picking up a couple of things. I remember having the shower gel of this which smelt absolutely heavenly (like apples) and the bath bomb is no different. This product is definitely one of my all time faves when it comes to bath bombs. They've added a green 'leaf' to it this year, so they have seemed to up the ante with this number just a little. Unlike before, where the water came out white, the water is now a mix of milky blue and green.

Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb
I wanted to try something new from the Christmas range so I picked up Northern Lights, which is a purple bath bomb that makes your bath water turn a somewhat interesting shade of yellow... Anyway, this has a lot of ylang ylang oil in it, and I think the general smell is floral and sweet but with a touch of something deeper. I'm just so great at describing scents. Honestly I'm not sure if bath bombs are really worth it for the price but I do like trying Lush's new concoctions every now and then.

The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Mask Polishing Mask
This has been my go to mask for the past month. I contributed to a post over on Sophie's blog where I reviewed this mask so make sure you check that out for my full thoughts, but in short this mask makes my skin look brighter and nice and exfoliated. As I have skin that can tend to get a bit clogged and dull, and have a fair few breakouts, I found this suited very nicely to my skin!

Pure Fiji Coconut Creme Scrub - Mango
From a scrub for the face, to the body... with a delicious mango scent to boot. The Pure Fiji brand is possibly New Zealand/Australia focused I think, so if you're overseas you probably won't have great access to it. This product is a nice light scrub with small exfoliating bits to make sure the skin is all buffed and moisturised. This would be a great everyday exfoliator because it's not harsh at all.

Zoella Beauty Bath Latte
I featured this product in a recent first impressions post but thought I'd collate my final thoughts on it, as I've really been enjoying whipping this out for a quick bubble bath. Pouring a bit of this in the bath produces a fair amount of bubbles, which is great if you're a bit of a Lush fanatic but can't really afford to spend lots of dosh on countless bath bombs. This smells so gorgeous, I'd be interested to see what else is in this range. I'm not sure how long this product will last, but overall it gets a big thumbs up from me.

What are some of your favourite pampering products?

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