12 September 2016

A Lush Haul

Because I sure do love to pamper myself sometimes...

A couple of weeks ago I walked into my nearest Lush with the aim of coming away with a few bath products to tide me over during the last of Auckland's cold weather. I picked out a gift box (just for me) with a variety of bubble bars (this one in fact) and one delicious smelling soap I couldn't resist. Now here's the lowdown on the products I bought & whether I think they're worth picking up.

Karma Bubble Bar
Fun fact for you... this was the first Lush product I tried I'm pretty sure. It was either this or a melting marshmallow bath product that I'm not even sure is available anymore. I don't remember much about my first impressions trying this product, but perhaps it was true love at first bubble bar. I love the Lush bubble bars more than the bath bombs because they last so much more and save you your hard earned moolah. Karma is an orange scented spicy number which is described as refreshing and uplifting. Not my favourite smelling Lush product by any means, but I wouldn't say no to one.

Milky Bath Bubble Bar
This white and silver coloured bubble bar is freshly scented with a creamy edge, one I'd never tried before. Apparently this product has real skimmed milk included in its ingredients list, which is interesting. I guess my milk bath dreams have come true without knowing. Actually no, I've never had any milk bath dreams at all. Although it claims to be softening and creamy, it just leaves you smelling very clean. I'm afraid you'll probably need a nourishing body scrub or oil to pair with this one. This is a pretty lacklustre offering, really.

The Comforter Bubble Bar
We're in safe territory here, because The Comforter is hands down my favourite bubble bar for its delicious addictive scent and its pink bath water changing abilities. Usually this product is a little bigger when you buy it separately, but as this was in a gift box it's more of a mini size. I do tend to ration my bubble bars though, so no problems here. I can't remember how many of these I have bought since my Lush addiction began in about Year 12 (that would be three years ago), so that's as good a sign as you're going to get, that this one stellar bath treat.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
I've loved the scent this soap has since I bought the shower gel version a couple years ago. I challenge you to give this caramel and honey scented soap just one sniff because you'll usually find me bent over it like a lil' honey bee. Actually, that doesn't really make sense does it? Regardless, I basically want to eat this soap and I'm so glad I picked it up. This will last absolutely ages so luckily I should be smelling delightful for quite some time. I don't usually go for the soaps in Lush because they're not always the most moisturising, but you can't beat a good scent when you find one.

Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar
If you happen to not like bubble bars, this probably hasn't been a very good post for you. This colourful concoction consists of a few different scents - ginger, pepper and lemon - overall giving off a very spicy and herbal fragrance that I don't think will be to everyone's taste. My first impression of this is that it's quite a bit harder than the other bubble bars in this bunch, definitely not creamy. I don't particularly like the scent of this but it doesn't really linger. Alas, I wouldn't run out to repurchase this one but in terms of bubbles it makes the same amount as practically any Lush bubble bar out there so it will definitely be used up in swift timing.

Do you like Lush products or are you a bit over the hype?

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