23 June 2016

The Winged Eyeliner Edit

Knowing a thing or two about winged eyeliner, I feel inclined to share some of my tips & explore some of my makeup muses.

I guess when someone tags you in a post on Facebook about the next generation of grandmas wearing winged eyeliner, you know the liquidy stuff has make it's mark on the world. Since about 16, I've been wearing winged eyeliner, and let me tell you, my first attempts (and even a couple years after) were not too flash. I think I'm fairly good at doing it now so I could tell you a thing or two if you're interested.

Muses: Exhibit A, Anna Karina. She is mentioned as owning the eyeliner look in Alexa Chung's book It, and I have to agree. Big lashes, thick black eyeliner. It's all good. Exhibit B, and something a little closer to 2016, we have Jess who I have to admit has stolen my heart with her thick black eyeliner. She definitely initiated my love for thick winged eyeliner and lots of mascara. Side note: Have a look at her channel because she is such an underrated Youtuber. Lastly, Exhibit C is the woman herself, Alexa Chung. The video with her and Lisa Eldridge makes my heart skip a beat just a little. The eyeliner here is more of an everyday wearable look I think, and absolutely what I strive for most days.

Products: The two products I use religiously to make my wings are the LO'real Superliner Superstar Eyeliner* and Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner. The LO'real offering has a flexible tip, making it very easy for newbies. I like to use this first as I find it super easy to make a sharp and angled line. It is not extremely pigmented though, which is where the Rimmel eyeliner comes in. I like going over the LO'real one with this super liquidy, pigmented one because it makes sure my eyeliner never budges and gives off a more dark and dramatic look, which I like.

Tips: In the words of Lisa Eldridge, work out what angle and thickness looks best for your face. Look at yourself straight on in the mirror and always keep checking back to see what works best. You don't have to cookie cut yourself into a particular style. There are lots of different eye shapes - ones that demand a more lifted look, a longer or shorter flick or varying thicknesses. One of my eyes has a longer crease I have discovered, and makes matching up my eyes just that bit harder.

Practice, practice, practice. Yep, it's this annoying tip. But it's painfully, painfully true. I look back at some of the winged eyeliner I did two years ago and I have a bit of an eek moment. You can also get worse without practice too, as I've discovered. Please let me have back that perfect eyeliner streak from 2015.

Once it looks okay, leave it for heaven's sake. I have made the mistake of going too far and basically covering my entire eye in black because I thought I could make that line look just a bit better. Once you're semi-happy, take it as it is, and head out the door. It's not going to look perfect everyday, but when it does, it feels good and you'll spent all day looking at it in every mirrorable surface. Just me? Okay.


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