30 May 2016

May Favourites

I am officially back blogging, and rather excited to share some beauty bits I've been loving lately.

All things should be running smoothly on my blog now. I feel like it's been ages since I have had the chance to sit down, plan posts, use my camera, and get tap tap tapping on my keyboard. Nothing makes me happier in the world than blogging, so from now you should see more regular content. If you haven't noticed, I have officially changed my blog name and swapped all things over. I now have a domain (I only cried once), and my old URL will redirect to my new one. With that bit of admin over, it's finally time to talk about my May Favourites.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
I recently splurged on this foundation because I was less than happy with my base routine. I leaned towards NARS because they have a great shade range (read: foundations pale enough for me), and this is basically just a cult classic isn't it? This is a really lightweight, medium coverage foundation that I've found to have a nice glow but it's nothing to OTT. I got the shade Siberia (the lightest) and it blends super well, while being fab for covering redness because it has more yellow tones.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream
This may shock some of you, but I've never used an eye cream before. I hadn't felt like I needed to; it seemed a waste of time quite honestly. I think I may have been converted though, because it feels so cooling and lovely on the skin. I pretty much have no idea how this compares to other eye creams, but this Clinique offer is just the right thickness and ensures my under-eyes are nicely hydrated.

Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum
I've been dying to try some products from Antipodes, and this month my wish came true. I have been using this serum in my skin routine every night. I believe this is more suitable for oiler skin types and perhaps those who are blemish prone. This doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin as you might imagine, but sinks right into the skin and smoothes things out. It's great to use after cleansing and before moisturising to add an extra layer of hydration.

Burt's Bees Brightening Daily Facial Cleanser
I generally find cleansers as one of the most difficult areas to cater for in terms of skincare. While I'm currently looking to purchase the (expensive) cult product Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, I've been using this for the past couple months. I was generally surprised at how nice this cleanser is because when you think of Burt's Bees you don't tend to think of cleansers. This is a creamy, simple cleanser that doesn't dry the skin out and hasn't broken me out either. It's best used by dampening the face and massaging it in for aaages.

The Balm Hot Mama Shadow + Blush
There's never too much of a good thing when it comes to makeup, as this blush has graced my cheeks a lot lately. I have gone off pink blush slightly, and now tend to favour more peachy hued ones. This is kind of like a subtle highlight and blusher in one, and it gently sculpts the cheeks while adding a bit of brightness and flush. I've honestly had this for ages and am just picking it up more and more these days - I guess next it's time to try it as an eyeshadow as suggested.

Do you like the look of anything here? I hope you have all had a great May.



24 May 2016

Out and About | Space to Dream Exhibition

Recently I went to Auckland Art Gallery to have a look at the Space to Dream exhibition, which features recent art from South America. I have always loved going to the gallery as it's right by my Uni. They have two fab exhibitions going on at the moment - an artist I love - Fiona Pardington's A Beautiful Hesitation and the one I've mentioned, Space to Dream.

I think one of the best artworks/installations I've seen in real life is from Ernesto Neto called Just like drops in time, nothing. You really have to be there to experience it as the smell is one of the highlights, an unusual quality for art to have. The room smells like spices, especially turmeric and cloves - it's so nice!

If you live in Auckland I'd obviously really suggest you go to it, and this is a reminder that you should definitely go out and explore galleries near to you. I went by myself and there's something really nice about just walking around in a near empty building.

This was a bit of a random post to write, but I just wanted to share some photos & such.


20 May 2016

An Update

Hi everyone - it's been a little while, hasn't it? If you did notice my absence I'll consider myself flattered. The last time I blogged was nearly three weeks ago, probably the largest time frame I haven't got a post out in my almost three years of blogging. Life has got a bit in the way, I'll explain everything...

First of all, you may notice a bit of a change to the blog appearance wise. I decided to give my blog a bit of a makeover and sort out little details that I'd been meaning to for a while. Of course, you may notice a different name at the top of the page. I have rebranded in a sense; my old blog name Oh Flower Child has been replaced with something that feels much more 'me' - Emma etc. Well you'd think so, considering the title involves my name. I'm really happy about this change and it's something I've been meaning to do for a while.

There is one more piece left to the puzzle though... I still need to purchase a domain name and get that up and running. That will come soon, but I'm still incredibly busy at the moment - wish me luck on that front. Another note on all of the blog stuff - sadly all my previous comments are no longer on the blog because I decided to stop using Disqus after I had problems with comment threads multiplying and more. So, onwards and upwards.

While I'm giving all the updates here, the main reason I haven't been blogging the last couple of weeks is because my internet was off for two weeks. Two weeks. I know, how did I survive? Well I'm out the other side now. I've also been really, really busy since getting my new job. Ah, the days when I had a day off mid-week and could peacefully tick off all my Uni to-do lists. The end of semester is nigh, along with absolutely joyful exams, and soon enough my mid-year break where I will probably collapse in exhaustion.

So basically, I'm back. It may be a little while longer until I sort things out and finish off a couple assignments, but I just needed to make this post now otherwise I would scream at how much I miss blogging.


2 May 2016

Paper Haul: New books & magazines

You know I can't resist a good haul of papery goodness. Lately I've acquired some lovely little bits and pieces, including a few books, magazines and bookmarks. Read on if you're interested...

First, the magazines... The latest issue of Teen Vogue looks gorgeous thanks to Grimes, an artist I happen to be liking a lot. I never usually have a Teen Vogue at hand, but we all know I could use more magazines (no, probably not). I had to pick up the latest issue of Frankie Magazine as well, because it's just a thing full of loveliness. I have also recently got my hands on a limited edition version of Fashion Q's magazine (the issue before last) that has a fancy interchangeable cover. The perks of working at a magazine publisher I suppose..

Whitcoulls was having a sale so of course I obliged. The first book I picked up is The Baby by Lisa Drakeford and something I have seen a little bit on Good Reads. The cover is really gorgeous which was probably a big lure for me, but I like the idea behind the story. It's a short read as well, and maybe that's a good thing to boost my Good Reads read number up.. ahem.

The second book is Asking For It by Louise O'Neill which I have been wanting to read for ages - I'm really glad I just decided to buy it now. I'm yet to read her other book, Only Ever Yours, but I will definitely be reading both soon. I have seen people's reaction to this book on Twitter, so I'm expecting to get right into this book, however it could be tricky with the subject matter.

I also luckily snagged a book proof of The Moonlight Dreamers by Siobhan Curham (out July 2016) which I'm really excited to read - it looks so good! The cover is gorgeous too.

I also finally have a couple of bookmarks to use with my books, (I'm one of those disgraceful people who dog ear their pages), and I couldn't be happier. These ones have such cute designs and I got them from going to the Auckland City Teen Book Club on Saturday. I'm finally part of a real life book club? Hell yes. The bookmarks are from a store called Aureate Argent FYI.

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