24 May 2016

Out and About | Space to Dream Exhibition

Recently I went to Auckland Art Gallery to have a look at the Space to Dream exhibition, which features recent art from South America. I have always loved going to the gallery as it's right by my Uni. They have two fab exhibitions going on at the moment - an artist I love - Fiona Pardington's A Beautiful Hesitation and the one I've mentioned, Space to Dream.

I think one of the best artworks/installations I've seen in real life is from Ernesto Neto called Just like drops in time, nothing. You really have to be there to experience it as the smell is one of the highlights, an unusual quality for art to have. The room smells like spices, especially turmeric and cloves - it's so nice!

If you live in Auckland I'd obviously really suggest you go to it, and this is a reminder that you should definitely go out and explore galleries near to you. I went by myself and there's something really nice about just walking around in a near empty building.

This was a bit of a random post to write, but I just wanted to share some photos & such.

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