2 May 2016

Paper Haul: New books & magazines

You know I can't resist a good haul of papery goodness. Lately I've acquired some lovely little bits and pieces, including a few books, magazines and bookmarks. Read on if you're interested...

First, the magazines... The latest issue of Teen Vogue looks gorgeous thanks to Grimes, an artist I happen to be liking a lot. I never usually have a Teen Vogue at hand, but we all know I could use more magazines (no, probably not). I had to pick up the latest issue of Frankie Magazine as well, because it's just a thing full of loveliness. I have also recently got my hands on a limited edition version of Fashion Q's magazine (the issue before last) that has a fancy interchangeable cover. The perks of working at a magazine publisher I suppose..

Whitcoulls was having a sale so of course I obliged. The first book I picked up is The Baby by Lisa Drakeford and something I have seen a little bit on Good Reads. The cover is really gorgeous which was probably a big lure for me, but I like the idea behind the story. It's a short read as well, and maybe that's a good thing to boost my Good Reads read number up.. ahem.

The second book is Asking For It by Louise O'Neill which I have been wanting to read for ages - I'm really glad I just decided to buy it now. I'm yet to read her other book, Only Ever Yours, but I will definitely be reading both soon. I have seen people's reaction to this book on Twitter, so I'm expecting to get right into this book, however it could be tricky with the subject matter.

I also luckily snagged a book proof of The Moonlight Dreamers by Siobhan Curham (out July 2016) which I'm really excited to read - it looks so good! The cover is gorgeous too.

I also finally have a couple of bookmarks to use with my books, (I'm one of those disgraceful people who dog ear their pages), and I couldn't be happier. These ones have such cute designs and I got them from going to the Auckland City Teen Book Club on Saturday. I'm finally part of a real life book club? Hell yes. The bookmarks are from a store called Aureate Argent FYI.

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