12 December 2016

Travel Reading List

A newly launched magazine, feminist non-fiction & more

I had every intention of bringing about 5 books away with me to Europe this month, but I took a step back and thought it really isn't realistic to read that many books while I'm travelling around various countries all day every day. I've whittled my reading list down to two books and a magazine, to read on the plane or on long travel days. I've picked these reads specifically for my ability to dip in and out of them if needed.

Miss FQ Magazine
This is a magazine that I've been lucky enough to see some of the behind the scenes as I work in the same offices where it's made. I think this is only available to buy in New Zealand, and it's bi annual at the moment, but it's basically a millennials guide to all things fashion, beauty, health, celebrities, etc. The launch issue looks really cool and I'm quite looking forward to reading it. I think it's amazing this magazine (which arose from digital content) is being printed physically because we are seeing more shutdowns of print media more and more these days.

It's Not Me It's You by Mhairi McFarlane
I loved reading Mhairi McFarlane's latest release this year, Who's That Girl?*, so I decided to delve deep into what she's released in the past and picked up a copy of It's Not Me It's You. From what I've read of the summary, it has very similar vibes to Who's That Girl?, as it follows a young woman as she navigates her career and love life. When something disastrous happens, she has to get back on her feet, but this may be harder than she thought. Mhairi's books are such fun reads that I basically don't want to stop reading. I recommend you check them out if you're a fan of contemporary but want something above YA!

Girls Will Be Girls by Emer O'Toole
I have heard a couple of people rave about this recently, so I'm so excited to dig in! This is The Feminist Orchestra Book Club's read of December so I knew I had to take this one away with me. As you may be able to tell from the title, this challenges gender stereotypes and gender binary with academic intelligence but also a bit of humour. As it says on the back cover, this will open your mind and revolutionse the way you think about gender. I have times where I absolutely love reading non-fiction and of course as much feminist theory as I can. I'd say if you're interested in feminism definitely pick this one up, I think it's going to be a must!


*Review Copy


  1. I always love reading books, I haven't read any of these but they sounds like something I would like, specially the Girls Will Be Girls one! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Excellent, hope you enjoy if you pick any up! x

  2. Thanks for this - I’m just about to go on holiday so this post is perfect!!

    Hannah xx

  3. These are great suggestions-- I've been looking for some books to read now that I'm home for vacation. I always love your suggestions. "It's not me it's you" especially sounds really interesting to me. Lovely post (and photos!)
    Julia || Julia in Bluhm

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