9 December 2016

Travel Beauty | Part One

If I haven't said it enough times already, I'm going away for a month to Europe, and that requires some serious smarts when it comes to packing. I thought I'd collate a post about what I'm planning to pack and along the way I hope you'll find a beauty product or two that you might like to pack away on your own travels when the time comes.

Skincare for the Plane

I think it goes without saying that I won't be wearing a scrap of makeup when I hop on the plane. What a 13 hour flight, followed by a 9 hour flight requires is some serious skincare (that of course won't take up too much space).

For the plane, I've deposited some of the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel into a little pot that I'll probably use a few times to refresh and nourish my skin, because that plane air is going to be drying. I was having trouble finding a moisturiser I owned that fit the requirement for carry-on luggage, but I dug up the Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream which is a nice energising, thick but not too thick moisturiser.

If my skin needs a refresh, I've included my Manuka Doctor ApiRefine Radiance Serum because it's in quite a small bottle and I could really do with some extra moisture. This is a lightweight, lovely smelling lotion that I'm hoping will be the perfect cure for tiredness and dulness. For my lips, the only product I deemed good enough for lips that will inevitably be very dry from air conditioning, is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. I've also chucked in a teeny size of the ASPAR Sweet Orange and Shea Hand Cream.


When I eventually land (it's going to feel like an eternity I tell ya), I'll be using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water* daily to take off my makeup thanks to the handy travel size. The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is my go-to cleanser and I'll be taking a full-size bottle because I don't think my skin can survive without it. The Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Moisturiser will be coming with me as well - it's a nice lightweight moisturiser that does the job. I wanted to bring one mask with me for the odd time I feel like a skin treat, so I've opted for the Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel because it doesn't come in a huge or glass container like some of my masks do.


I won't be taking all of this set with me, but I thought I'd mention the Savar Travel Minis Set which includes a shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion. As I'm bringing my own trusty shampoo and conditioner, I thought I'd just use the body products as they're a really good size - not too small they're going to be used in a few goes but not too big either.


I'm opting for a full-size shampoo and conditioner because I'm going away for a whole month. I'm taking the Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Shampoo and the Pureology Strength Cure Conditioner. The blow dry serum I wanted to take was in a glass bottle and a little bigger, so instead I'm going to bring the OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil which does a nice job at smoothing out frizzy hair.

Stay tuned for Wednesday next week where I'll be displaying the contents of my travel makeup bag!


*Product from PR Company

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