17 November 2016

How I Edit My Instagram + Blog Photos

I personally always find it fascinating to hear about behind the scenes processes, especially when it comes to editing photos - whether that be blog photos or instagram. I've put together a post like this before, but it's a little outdated. So I'm revisiting this topic and I'll get into it right now...

Blog Photos

- When I take photos, I usually make sure everything looks as bright and clear looking as I can, without everything washing out. I use my ISO to brighten up everything before I actually take the picture, something you can't do with iPhones, which really helps. My camera is a beginner level DLSR (Canon 1100D) which shows that you don't need a really expensive camera to take decent photos. I bought a new lens earlier this year - Canon 50mm f/1.8 - which is really nice for blog photos/product shots. For the photo I'm demonstrating with today, my camera settings were ISO 800, f/ 5.6 (aperture) 1/100. I'm no expert, but I just play around a little until it looks good.

- I will upload the pictures from my SD card to Adobe Bridge which makes reviewing the photos really easy. I '5 Star' the one or two photos I'm likely to use for a post, and get editing.

- First, I edit from Adobe Bridge by opening it in 'Camera Raw'. I sort out the basics here - adjusting the temperature if it's too warm or cool toned and up the exposure. To make this easy each time, I have saved a preset which means this step can be done with one click. The preset I used here is called 'blog' as you can see in the screenshot below.

- Next, I open the image in Photoshop. The main thing I do here is adjust the curves to make it even brighter and fresh looking. You'll see that I've dragged the bar upwards towards the top right. This automatically does wonders and is one of the main editing tools I'd recommend, especially if you want white, bright photos. Levels is also useful to increase the white, grey and black in an image - just don't go overboard.

- There will be a few more adjustments I'll make if I feel like I need to, but that's basically it. I can edit a photo in a few minutes, so I've got my process down.

The final result...

Now for Instagram...

- I tend to be quite pendantic with my instagram. I often want things to look quite white and fresh, but not all the time. The one and pretty much only app I use to edit photos, along with hundreds of other bloggers & instagrammers alike, is VSCO.

- As you can see from the photo comparisons, the left one is really quite dark with many shadows. Usually my photos would tend to look a little brighter than this to begin with, but this comparison really shows how much a difference editing makes.

- First, I have adjusted the exposure to +5. Depending on the photo, this could be lower but I always brighten something up at least by one or two.

- Next, I've adjusted this photo +2 contrast. I'll usually up the contrast by one or two because it gives definition to the photo and doesn't wash out the objects.

- I will use the temperature setting if I need to, to make it less cool or warm. In this case I haven't adjusted that, even though the photo looks quite warm, I liked the look of it.

- The filter I've used is A6, and this is the main one I'll use. I also like HB1 and HB2. I'll most likely put the filter around 8+ or 10+ so it's not too intense, but it really depends.

- Photos with a darker background/not on a white surface will be quite different to edit but I still love using those above filters I've mentioned for basically everything.

-Make sure you make the most of natural light because a good photo to begin with means less work when it comes to editing!

Hope you may have found this slightly interesting or useful..



  1. I always love reading these kind of posts, I enjoy editing - whether is is for my blog or my Insta - so much! It's so satisfying when you compare the before and after! haha x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. I know it's so satisfying right!! x


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