6 October 2016

Feminism in YA | What's A Girl Gotta Do? Book Review

What would happen if you called out every instance of sexism and filmed it?

I was extremely excited to read the last book in The Spinster Club Trilogy, What's a Girl Gotta Do? by Holly Bourne* when it arrived on my doorstep. I have raved about the other two books on my blog before and there's going to be no exception for this one. If you're on the market for some contemporary young adult fiction that's a bit different and fresh, definitely check out Holly Bourne. She also has a new book And A Happy New Year? coming out in November which I believe is one last hurrah to The Spinster Club series.

Feminism in YA has been something I've seen cropping up more and more lately, and I think it's fantastic. I believe it's crucial to expose younger readers to the importance of gender equality and make them aware that, you know, there's something kind of wrong going on here. I first became aware of what feminism truly was only last year when I was 18, but if I had read about feminism in books when I was younger just think about how good that would've been.

Holly Bourne has said she wanted to expose her readers to feminism gradually through each book in this series, as there was some feminism themes in Am I Normal Yet?, even more so in How Hard Can Love Be? and now it's full-blown in the third. I think it's such a fascinating concept to call out every instance of sexism as Lottie does in this book. There are times when it's shameful, embarrassing, annoying for other people, and soon enough it really starts effecting Lottie in a bad way when she becomes too obsessed about it. One of the aspects I really liked about this book was the way Holly obviously acknowledged that we can't all be 'perfect' feminists all the time, and that there are different 'levels' of sexism but those little things that happen really do add up to bigger things. In this way, that catcall you get on your way to your bus stop still really does perpetuate the patriarchy.

I loved reading What's a Girl Gotta Do? as I felt really justified about my beliefs and empowered that everyone can do something to help sexism, like starting their own Spinster Club.

I would love to hear any suggestions for books about feminism or if you would read The Spinster Club books!


*Review Copy from Harper Collins


  1. I recently read 'What's a Girl Gotta Do?' and loved it! I love Holly Bourne's writing so much. It's great to see a YA author writing about feminism and getting the younger generation engaged. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Definitely!! I love her writing too x


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