1 July 2016

Supporting Local Made | A Haul

Let's hear it for all the independent and local makers out there.

I always think it's great to support local/independent stores where you can find unique items from different makers. As I live in New Zealand, I love supporting some NZ makers when I can and there are quite a few gems to discover. I love going to art and craft fairs around my city as you get to discover various little stores that make really good stuff! Recently I saw that The Bread and Butter Letter was having a sale so I jumped at the chance to pick up a couple of things.

Crushes The Coffee One Scented Soy Candle
I was really intrigued by the prospect of a coffee scented candle - doesn't that sound amazing? I guess it was a bit risky buying a candle online having never smelled it, but luckily I do like it. It's a very dark and rich scent which may not be for everyone, but it does smell like coffee and a slightly like alcohol. Just a tad. The lovely owners of The Bread and Butter Letter also popped in a free smaller version of this candle for me which was so kind.

Crushes Silver Bunting Necklace
I am personally all about the silver jewelry, so I picked up the silver version of the Crushes bunting necklace, but there are also brass and gold versions. I have been needing some new jewelry, so I thought this was a nice addition and right up my street with the triangle design. The only thing is I wish it had a shorter chain to be worn higher up, but it's still lovely. Crushes also have some really nice earrings I have my eye on too.

Do you like shopping at local/independent stores? What are some of your favourites online/in your area?



  1. Those are both really nice items! I like to try to support smaller businesses and such but it's usually just for food haha. x

  2. there are some local shops here in brighton that they create their own candles with amazing scents too!

    xx from Brighton
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    1. I bet there are some amazing shops in Brighton! I would love to go there one day. x

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  4. I LOVE this post - I also think it's so important to independent brands that are up and coming, a lot of the time their products are incredible and the attention to detail is amazing! Your pictures are beautiful!

    Hayley x

  5. Oooh that candle sounds so nice! I love the smell of coffee, but don't personally drink it. I find it tastes like burnt water... (if that's even possible!!). Dainty jewelry will always be a firm favourite of mine :)


    1. Haha, I really love the smell of coffee, maybe more than the taste. x


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