4 July 2016

Read in June

Feminism, friendship and quadriplegics. That just about sums up what I've been reading about in June.

Exams have consumed most of the month for me, however I managed to finish more books near the end of the month. I've been reading a lot more than usual lately and I'm so excited to get stuck into some material I've had on my shelves for a little while. I read four books in June and liked all of them a lot so it's time to strap yourselves in and hear some of my recommendations in Emma's metaphorical Book Club.

Asking For It by Louise O'Neill - 4 Stars
This was such an important book to read, but one that was very scary, realistic and intense. This isn't a light read my friends, this is real life. Emma O'Donovan is a confident, beautiful and happy girl with many friends - until there's a party and her world unravels. This really makes you think about victim blaming and sexual consent, with big themes of feminism and family. As someone mentioned in my blog comments when I talked about reading this book, the style and the way it is written put me off slightly as at times it was hard to read, however the actual content and message behind the book I connected with. This book gets really bleak and intense, and it made me feel heartbreakingly sad about society and what can happen. I really urge you to read this if you've been meaning to, or you're hearing about it for the first time, because it is important.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes - 5 Stars
I won a copy of this book from Penguin Random House, so I decided to reread this since the movie is now out. I read a library copy of this early last year on holiday before I knew it was going to be a movie and absolutely devoured it. I just love Lou, those black and yellow striped leggings, and Will's humour. I gave it a 5 Star rating then, and still feel the same. I'm yet to see the movie, but I've heard it's good. I found this book really comforting and nice to read - I rarely reread anything but this was definitely worth it. This book is everywhere at the moment - I'm sure you've heard of it.

The Moonlight Dreamers by Siobhan Curham* - 5 Stars
This book was featured in my June Favourites, so clearly you can see I loved this and it was my favourite book of the month. The Moonlight Dreamers is about four girls who come together despite some differences and help each other with their individual life problems. One of the girls has the courage to start a group she calls The Moonlight Dreamers, which encourages the girls to be themselves and break away from being told how to look, what to think, and how to act. In summary I found this book really easy to read, quite unique and refreshing, and I loved the themes of friendship and the importance of being yourself.

You Don't Have To Like Me by Alida Nugent - 4 Stars
I love reading non-fiction here and there and this book was well worth my time. You Don't Have To Like Me (Essays on Growing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding Feminism) was quite funny and amusing, but it raises some extremely important points about society, feminism and life. I didn't necessarily agree with absolutely every sentence in this book and there were some chapters I didn't like as much, but this book was brilliant. My favourite chapters were titled 'Your Beauty is Magic: On Loving My Face', 'I am Exactly Like Other Girls' and 'Feral'. This is a short read and perfect for dipping in and out of.

Do you want to read any of these books?


*Review Copy


  1. I started re-reading Me Before You again last month but stopped. Whoops. I really enjoyed The Moonlight Dreamers too-it was just something a bit different for YA than the standard 'girl meets boy etc'. I'm adding Asking For It to my list too now. Thanks for the rec! x

    1. Yes , agreed - it was just a bit different and very enjoyable!

  2. Ooh, The Moonlight Dreamers sounds very interesting. Definitely adding that to my TBR! Btw, you have a very lovely writing style!

    1. Thank you Laura, that is kind of you to say! Yay I'm glad to see so many liking the sound of The Moonlight Dreamers.x

  3. Me Before You is one of my favorite books! I loved the novel and the movie did the book justice. I'd like to know your thoughts on it when you get the chance to see it. I haven't read any of the other books you listed, but Asking For It seems like something I'd be interested in checking out :)

    Kathlyn | www.kathlynskorner.com

    1. I'm seeing it Monday so yeah I will have to see! Thanks for your comment x


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