1 June 2016

Recently Read

Books of late have included a The Breakfast Club esque novel, an Alice in Wonderland inspired fantasy, and an interesting YA contemporary...

The Yearbook Committee by Sarah Ayoub
This was a book that surprised me a little, and I really enjoyed getting into it. It follows five perspectives of teenagers during their last year of high school... somehow they end up getting bundled together to create the school yearbook. I loved the differentiation of the characters and reading about what was going on in their lives, and how they could come together despite their differences. It has a fairly mediocre pace, but things do get a little emosh near the end. 3.5 Stars

Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes*
This was a delightful fantasy read that I devoured over a short time. Sometimes I can get sick of fantasy books and tend to favour contemporaries, but Queen of Hearts was just extremely cool and exciting to read. I loved the whole world, and the way the author adapted characters from the original Alice in Wonderland story. I absolutely loved some of the parts in the story where it was quite action-packed and wonderfully described. This was quick to get into, and overall felt like a perfect Alice inspired read. This was definitely my favourite read in May - get amongst it people! 4.5 Stars

This is Where The World Ends by Amy Zhang*
I've heard some mixed opinions about this one, but overall I did actually quite like this story. I can see how some people perceive one of the main characters as unlikeable, but in my head I imagined her as this cool, kind of damaged girl, which you could probably describe as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl now that I think about it. I thought the characters did have a real depth though, and this felt like a special story and look into two slightly messed-up teens. I couldn't help but see some similarities in this to other books, but there were some unique elements like the pages filled with interesting doodles. I don't think it has as much suspense and thrill as it makes out to have, because it was somewhat predictable in parts. However, my likeness for this does override any problems. Sometimes characters are unlikeable, but that doesn't have to impact the substance of the story. 4 Stars

I'd love to know if you thought any of these looked intriguing!


*Review Copy


  1. Queen of Hearts sounds wonderful! I think it sounds like a book I would really like, does it feel more adult than Alice in Wonderland? Thanks for sharing. Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Yeah it does feel more adult, but definitely a young adult book! x

  2. These were such well written reviews Emma, I'm impressed! Mostly, I tend to grab books that I feel like seem interesting despite that fact that I have yet to acknowledge a review on them. Although my views are definitely changing now that I seem to reading so many book reviews scattered all over the blogging sphere. Sarah writes reviews as well! I will definitely try to get my hands on this is where the world ends by Amy Zhang. It's definitely the type of book you would find me reading! Much Love xx

    Zoha xx - Zoe and Tima

    1. Thanks Zoha :) There are lots of people doing reviews now. Hope you like This is Where The World Ends! x


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