2 May 2016

Paper Haul: New books & magazines

You know I can't resist a good haul of papery goodness. Lately I've acquired some lovely little bits and pieces, including a few books, magazines and bookmarks. Read on if you're interested...

First, the magazines... The latest issue of Teen Vogue looks gorgeous thanks to Grimes, an artist I happen to be liking a lot. I never usually have a Teen Vogue at hand, but we all know I could use more magazines (no, probably not). I had to pick up the latest issue of Frankie Magazine as well, because it's just a thing full of loveliness. I have also recently got my hands on a limited edition version of Fashion Q's magazine (the issue before last) that has a fancy interchangeable cover. The perks of working at a magazine publisher I suppose..

Whitcoulls was having a sale so of course I obliged. The first book I picked up is The Baby by Lisa Drakeford and something I have seen a little bit on Good Reads. The cover is really gorgeous which was probably a big lure for me, but I like the idea behind the story. It's a short read as well, and maybe that's a good thing to boost my Good Reads read number up.. ahem.

The second book is Asking For It by Louise O'Neill which I have been wanting to read for ages - I'm really glad I just decided to buy it now. I'm yet to read her other book, Only Ever Yours, but I will definitely be reading both soon. I have seen people's reaction to this book on Twitter, so I'm expecting to get right into this book, however it could be tricky with the subject matter.

I also luckily snagged a book proof of The Moonlight Dreamers by Siobhan Curham (out July 2016) which I'm really excited to read - it looks so good! The cover is gorgeous too.

I also finally have a couple of bookmarks to use with my books, (I'm one of those disgraceful people who dog ear their pages), and I couldn't be happier. These ones have such cute designs and I got them from going to the Auckland City Teen Book Club on Saturday. I'm finally part of a real life book club? Hell yes. The bookmarks are from a store called Aureate Argent FYI.



  1. Damn it Emma! Every time I come onto your blog I remember that I haven't read a book in far too long, even though I love reading. I just palm it off for a quicker past time like watching tv shows.
    But I bought a bunch of Nancy Drew novels that I need to read.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Haha, hopefully you'll read a book soon - I'm glad to be an influencer/encourager!

  2. I really want to get into reading more magazines, they've got some great content as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Like your new blog name, I want to change mine but am a bit hesitant going through the whole process. xx

    1. Yeah, I can often get carried away with reading books and forget about my magazines. Thank you :) just need to change the domain. It is a bit of a process!

  3. I love books and the feeling of getting new books! following you on bloglovin' :)
    lots of love, Jane
    Marble and Rose

    1. I love getting new books so much as well :) x

  4. Asking for it is one of my favourite books! I read it last month and I can't stop thinking about it. I love Louise O'Neill and she talks so honestly and open in interviews and podcasts!
    Those bookmarks are so cute too!
    Naomi xx

    1. I'm glad to hear that, it makes me more eager to read it now :)


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