25 April 2016

Sweater Weather | Outfit Post

Autumn is gradually arriving in Auckland this year... I don't think it has come so late, since I can remember at least. The leaves are only just starting to fall off the trees, but I hope it speeds along because Autumn is my favourite season.

Today I wanted to share with you an outfit I wore to work last week. I've been loving this high neck jumper from ASOS ever since it graced my door step. It's really soft and comfortable to wear. Unfortunately on the day I wore it, it was rather like a summers day so I was boiling but still looking stylish in my opinion. Air con in the office is my friend, though.

 Outfit Details:

*Jumper: ASOS
*Skirt: Mink Pink
*Shoes: ASOS

I paired it with my black button up skirt from Mink Pink... seriously when am I not wearing button up skirts in outfit posts? I swear most of the time I'm just wearing jeans.

Hope everyone is having a good day - I'm on break for Uni at the moment, but it certainly doesn't feel like it with assignments coming at me left right and centre. I need to tell myself to relax the odd day though, I think I have a problem...



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