11 April 2016

Out and About | Shaky Isles Britomart

At the weekend just gone my friend and I went out for brunch at Shaky Isles in Britomart, a nice greenery-infused cafe in Auckland. There are a few branches of Shaky Isles around but I've never actually been to one. As I took some photos I thought it would be nice to do a little post about it, and hopefully I will get around to doing this more often.

For drinks we both had Iced Mochas and they were really good. For our meals, I had poached eggs on toast with Danish Rye bread. I can't pass up some eggs on toast if you know me, and these ones were on point. It's a bit random but I really like rye bread, something I need to have more. My friend had the burger and chips with mustard mayo (!!). Yes, mustard mayo. It is a fabulous thing. The burger was apparently really good and I was rather jealous of the pickled onions in it.

The food was pretty typical cafe food, but rather good nevertheless. I love visiting cute cafes like this, so if you have any suggestions for cafes in Auckland (if you happen to live there, of course), definitely hit me up.


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