28 April 2016

April Favourites

I have quite the list of favourites this month. For once, I have absolutely been loving all things beauty, trying out the odd skincare item, and putting make-up on more. So in this post I have a make-up favourite, two lovely skincare items, a gorgeous perfume, and my favourite book of the month. I could've included a couple more bits here but they'll make an appearance in next month's favourites if they're lucky.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rosé Perfume - This is such an addicting perfume, there's just something about it that has me head over heels. I would describe it as having a fizzy citrusy, but sweet smell. Obviously describing scents is really hard, but I'd definitely suggest giving this a sniff.

Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream - I've been needing a new moisturiser as of late, and this one absolutely fits the bill. I didn't have a high expectation for this, but I have been surprised with it. It's a lot thicker than I thought it would be, but don't let that deter you, as it goes on your skin it melts down and leaves a smoothed finish. This is perfect for using in the morning after cleansing, and before putting make-up on, as it's almost like a primer. Also, I'm obsessed with the smell of this - just leave me to smell this pot of goodness all day long please!

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel - I feel like this is the product that has made my skin look better over the past few weeks. After using this once, my skin felt renewed because all the dirt and oil had been lifted. It definitely leaves your skin feeling a bit dry, but just lather up the oils and moisturisers afterwards and you're good to go. The effect on my skin lasted probably up to a week, so you don't actually have to use this too often. I think this, along with the Garnier cream have worked to smooth out my skin more. Oh, and the new cleanser I've been using is working well for me so far, but more on that another time...

NARS Creamy Concealer - I guess it's time to talk about my one true love. I've tried this concealer before (my sister's), and have wanted to own it ever since. I decided to just go for it and buy this rather expensive concealer (especially in NZ) and it's whats been on my face all month. I actually like wearing this on the skin alone, or with foundation. I like that it's an all over the face concealer, because it brightens but also covers spots/scaring. I also love that the shade range of this concealer (or NARS in general I suppose) is fab - I use the lightest shade (Chantilly) and it works great, especially heading into A/W.

Who's That Girl by Mhairi McFarlane* - I feel as though I have read a lot of good books this year, and I'm chuffed with that. This book is definitely one of my favourites so far this year, I absolutely adored it *heart eyes emoji*. I have done a full review on this book in this post, so you can check that out here.


*Review Copy

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