21 March 2016

All Things Organisation | Part Two

I put together a blog post the other week on my life, budget and blogging organisation routines and I promised you a Uni version so here it is! This post will be a little more refrained, but that's probably for the best as I do know how to go on a bit.

To start of with some context, I started my second year of University about three weeks ago and I'm studying a communication's degree. I have theory to read that's basically all online and I don't really have to carry around that much; a notebook and my laptop most days. This post will be explaining mostly how I'm taking my notes this year, I personally find that kind of thing quite interesting!

So I basically have two notebooks which I use to write notes in - the first one to the left is notes for lectures. This notebook from Typo isn't too big and perfect for putting in my bag. There are four sections separated by pockets to put paper in, although I have to say I don't really use them considering I don't tend to have loads of paper work. I have a lecture a week for three subjects where I will hand-write notes (last year I used my laptop for lecture notes but decided to give this a go instead with the idea I might remember more, but who knows tbh).

The second notebook, also from Typo, is a big one with the same pocket seperators where I store the readings I print out. When I'm taking notes from theory, I will either have to read it off the screen or print it out. Because it's loads of ink and paper, I just print out what I deem the most important ones or theory I will definitely be using for my essays and assignments.

When I'm reading theory, I like to highlight and annotate occasionally which really helps me pick out the general ideas and good examples from the author. Annotating theory (basically rewriting a specific part of the reading/chapter/whatever in your own words next to it so you can break it down) is really, really useful FYI. #NerdTalk. As I go along highlighting and such, I will copy the most important parts into my larger notebook. Smaller notebook = Rough lecture notes. Bigger notebook = Theory/readings, basically what I'll need to write my essays later.

That was a bit of a side-note, but in terms of organisation when I have tutorials (three a week for my more theory-dense subjects) I like to take notes on my laptop because things are often quite fast-paced with doing group work, etc., so it's just a bit quicker. I will definitely use my laptop when writing my essays and then I can refer to all the bullet-pointed theory I've done (haha, hopefully done...) in my big notebook.

I would be interested to know if you go to University/or have in the past, if you use a laptop/something similar, or do handwritten notes?


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